Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Core (2003)

The Core

does the idea of going up to space excites you ?? this time, instead of going up above, we are going way down under .. the earth's outer core has stopped rotating, causing the planet's EM (electromagnetic) field to rapidly deteriorate. life begins to change dramatically - human beings n animals plunged to their death, storms n lightnings began to form out of nowhere. a group of scientists traveled on a mission, towards the earth's core to detonate nuclear devices ..

some backgrounds on the movie:
- director: Jon Amiel
- released: 2003
- casts: Aaron Eckhart, Delroy Lindo, Hilary Swank
- language: English
- genre: Action/Science Fiction


  1. oh yeah, watched this 5 years ago i think? but is a good show though :D

    there's another similar, sunshine, which goes to the sun. Never, i repeat NEVER watch it!

  2. This movie ah, very old liao ler.. I still remembered I watched on year 2003 lor... Hmm, starting is nice, but after they went into the core of earth, the movie started to get boring d....

  3. yipguseng: the word "never" .. kinda provoke my curiosity. yup, it totally does. i might .. n probably would, as soon as i laid my hands on it .. :p

    akira wah: i was kinda screaming "no, he can't die" n "yes, let him die" while the movie had reached its near-end .. *fun fun !!* XD