Sunday, March 30, 2008


a little laughters, a little chuckles n shrieking, had colored another common weekend magnificently !! inhaling nature's captivative fragrance, spellbound by showers of embraces n pats, there ain't no other place closer to Heaven as where i was.

at that very moment, it was just us n Nature. drowned in the sensation, trust me when i say "nothing else Existed", for it is what i felt exactly ..

素敵な日です ..


  1. wah...ur moto hp so geng...take pic so clear~

  2. The photo is nice, can see the clear water there...

  3. yeah, i like natures also, the smell of the natural is simply relaxing~~

    just sit there and feel the nature sound, the sound of the water flow, the breeze (dun talk about those mosquito lah) really makes u feel "ahhhhhh"~~~

  4. This is very beautiful pic,my friend.So peaceful...yes, so sentimental...

    I wanna thank u for dropping by at my site and leaving a comment. I live in my house for 2.5 years now. This house was built already when i bought it.

  5. åh-†ёh²: its technique, technique it is. haha, don't mind my mumble, just kidding. glad you liked it !! :)

    akira: thanks for the compliment. hehe. :p

    yipguseng: yup, totally !! that's the feeling that i love too. :D

    portia: no problem for the comment. am glad you enjoyed the photograph. :)