Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tomoe Japanese Cuisine 朋同日本料理

located behind Mendu Road (Kuching), though not as fancy as Ten-Ichi (天一), which is basically the best Japanese restaurant in town, Tomoe does served delicious Japanese dishes. a recommendation, it is !!


  1. wow, I saw sashimi!! I love it!!!

  2. my favorite has gotta be unagi !! *drooling all over the place* :D

  3. I was conned by the lovely remarks by the local bloggers who had their meal at Tomoe Restaurant. Their service was awful, misplaced order (my main course never arrive and the waitress who took my order was indenial…and the meal needed to take another 15mins for it to be ready) and mind you a Japanese restaurant serving local rice instead of Japanese short grain rice???