Monday, March 17, 2008

Wallpaper: Bleach ブリーチ


one of the parts that i find most fascinating is Ichigo (黒崎一護) 's transformation, upgraded from a shinigami (死神, Shinigami) to a vizard (仮面の軍勢) - vizard is a shinigami that acquired hollow powers. sweet !! :D


  1. BLEACH!!! I love it very much...

    Which character u love the most? hehe...

    Guess mine?

    Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi...

  2. me, i love ichigo in his hallow form. :P i've guessed it back then, right ?? link: chibi: bleach (ブリーチ). hehe .. ;)

  3. i stop watching anime when they enter hueco, but then now watch back liao coz ichigo and grimmjaw gonna go head on with ulquiorra! and this is where i stop the manga and things gonna get interesting here already!! ^^

  4. Haha, paiseh neh, I forgot that I told u before...

    Anime is coming for the fight of Ichigo and Grimmjaw, and then the fight between several captains with espadas... Cool~~~

    U watch bleach comic?

  5. insane wallpapers!!!

  6. yipguseng: wow sweet information !! i never stopped, can't wait for more transformation. go go !! :D

    akira wah: nop, i didn't catch the manga. just anime itself. usually i watch after accumulated few episodes. can't stand being left hanging !! *going nuts*

    kljs: haha. love 'em so much !! i even have one of them printed out to be placed on my wall. :D

  7. oh, u din read manga lar... I read from Hong Kong website, because it is weekly updated... hehe... so u wan to know the latest story of Bleach?

  8. herm .. let's not. hehe. don't wanna ruin the anticipation. i'll sit tight n wait for more !! :D

  9. ありがとう。