Saturday, April 12, 2008


i was once convinced by a certain someone, that the wisest move is to start working right after my finals (exam). having him convinced me again n again, i swayed in my position n threw my own thoughts out of the window subconsciously.

was utterly Stunned to hear a statement out of the blue: "it's alright to have Some fun before you start working" ..

the point here, isn't about "working or not right after the finals", it is just So astonishing n thrilling to suddenly came across that single person - among the huge crowd - that speaks your mind out loud. now who said Magic left after you grew up ??

大発見する !!


  1. The pic looked nice, as u caught the view of the smoke from the factory... hehe..

  2. exactly !! hehe. notice the way the smoke blend with the cloud ?? ;)