Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What's Your Favorite Animal?

read it from -liza- 's blog, that one's favorite animal or pet can portray their personalities. interesting, isn't it ??

- if bear is your favorite animal and you like collecting bear stuffed toys, you are a strong-willed person and can face any obstacle that comes his way.

- the cat symbolizes power and charisma. these make it easier for you to charm others.

- a dog is a man's best friend and dog-lovers value true friendship. they are honest and caring persons.

- This animal is slow and is not careful but is very strong. You are strong-willed and has the ability to win every battle.

- you have the ability to solve problems easily and you don't let anyone get in your way.

- you are unique and imaginative. horse lovers are very sensitive persons and very close to nature. and because the horse symbolizes freedom, they are care-free.

- you're a party animal. you are very curious, animated and loves to experiment on things. You cannot stay at one place for a long time and like all monkeys, you are a natural-born performer.

- the tiger always aim for the gold. you are very ambitious, a master strategist and very confident. like the tiger, you aim high and takes advantage of good opportunities quickly.

i'm a Cat-lover, n this is not the first time i was told about my "charm" ability, another related post: what your name means said similar things, which i finds it fascinating !! i didn't realize such ability existed, do i really have it ?? *puzzled*


  1. thanks levian! i'm a dog lover and i'm glad to find nice people like you on the net ;)

    i'll add you to my links later if you don't mind ;)

    see you around.

  2. wow, many are dog-lovers !! :D sure liza, would be my pleasure to exchange links with you. i've added yours, by the way. ;)