Monday, June 09, 2008


as confident as i looked, i lack of it big time. filled by overflowing anxiousness, drown in too much unsettled feelings .. as much as i longed for companion, i'm never the type that Request for it.

drilling n suffocating in own emotions, choke from the deafening screams inside, disturbing thoughts started to flood my mind ..

he who read my blog, doesn't visit anymore. he who chats with me, doesn't chat anymore .. is that what Time has to proof ??

for that reason alone, i wished to reverse time n stayed in that exact moment when we were So Connected, willingly trapped .. forever n ever .. n ever ..

寂しいがどうする ??


  1. 친구는 항상 너와 함께 있을거예요.

  2. 你不需要去要求的, 因为我相信缘份会降临到你的身上的...

    他最近没跟你联络吧? 我想他会不会是有紧要事情要处理而上不到网呢? 还是他要读书呢? 你可以尝试打电话去问候他一下的啊...

    时光一流逝, 我们就不可以回头看了, 可是我们要好好珍惜那段时光啊... 最重要是现在, 你要好好照顾自己啊, 不要去想那么多了, 好吗?

  3. Youre a great girl! Dun worry, you got the trump cards. You aint' gonna lose, uh huh, no way.

  4. You will eventually find/meet your true love when you least expected for them

  5. nice photography!!

    Blue sky and golden sunset separated with clumsy cloud...hahaha..

    enjoy currently uploaded video...suit your fairy tales...but it might make u cry...aiya..sekaligus cry till the limit. release all ur sadness once.


    no worry be happy! =)

  6. joshua: i tried translating it, turned up a lot of "friends" n "bed". *scratching head*

    akira: 嗯,我会努力的。情绪来时,难免需要发泄一下,不然感觉更辛苦…我会等的。一直在看、一直观察,我能做的也有限。但我会一直等…

    marcus: are you sure i have it ?? i sure hope i really do have it like they way u put it .. *unsure*

    elezend: it sparkled, n dimmed, n sparkled, n dimmed .. *dizzy*

    pui: glad you love the photograph !! taken near the airport if you recognized. :) "cry till the limit" huh, seemed kinda "unlimited" though, hehe.

  7. 嗯, 你要加油哦...

    情绪来时, 你可以告诉我啊, 我就帮你舒解那些不好的情绪咯... 发泄, 也是有其他的办法的啊...

    嗯, 等待也是不错的, 可是不要等太久啊, 因为希望得越高, 失落得越大...

  8. try to translate it with


  9. Old road behind the airport to the 7miles right?

    kinda "unlimited"? ..then have to ur ability to find the limit of the unlimited...hehe

    "se ji shi kong, kong ji shi se" LOL!!

  10. joshua: "Friends will always be with you." aw .. that's so sweet. *touched* :)

    pui: yup, that spot exactly. what's with the last phrase, it's unRelateD !! XD

  11. =)
    b4 that, what did you use to translate???

  12. Hi, I love the music on your site! very pretty!

  13. [寂しいがどうする ??]

    Apa maksud ni? o_o

    Erm. I dunno what to say.

    Perhaps I will quote some quotes?

    "Don't worry, be happy!"

    "Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst."


    All the best yo! :D

  14. joshua: i don't quite remembered. i think i google for "korean translator", n click on multiple links there.

    susie: so glad you enjoyed the music !! :)

    deimos: [寂しいがどうする ??] means something similar to "what to do for feeling lonely". thanks for the quotes. you do have many meaningful ones in your blog. :)

  15. @deimos,可是我在乎。。。。那些话简直是一派胡言,完全没有安慰到人还给人失落。。。。。真想一指弊死这家伙。。。。。。&^%!@#!&)*!)_@*_)_*_(*^">";.';

    @levian,the korean word just matching
    your japanese word. you feel lonely but still have many fren will accompany you....

    this is the meaning i want to bring out...

    (gomene for just now I so angry to saw that word.......I dont know why, so angry to see these words.....)

  16. “不在乎天长地久,只在乎曾经拥有过。”

    That's a good quote

    [寂しいがどうする ??]

    Eat more chocolates, watch more movies/anime, Play more online games, read more mangas ^_^

  17. @joshuaun


    Erm, the quotes are meant to 安慰 levian and not 失落 her, ya?

    My relationship is not exactly a bed of roses either so the quotes are also dedicated to myself as well.

    You want to 弊死 me? -_-

  18. everything happens for a reason.
    for one thing my dear,
    he who really belongs to you...
    will always come back to you...
    be there for you...
    love you no matter when and what!

    loving a person wib all ur heart is the best ting in the world, but holding it back it's not.

    *hugs* no matter what I'll be there for you. like u said you will for me too.

  19. Dun be a loser and trust me on it. *Brimming with confidence* ahahaha

  20. joshua: it's alright, you're just releasing yourself on my behalf. it's understandable n i don't mind at all. *pat pat* :)

    now that i read your phrase n mine together, it totally matches. thank so much for your effort !! :D

    elezend: talking about manga, i'm recently a Huge fan of OneManga. thanks to your recommendations !! :)

    deimos: i suddenly recalled a phrase i saw on a person's clothing before, that wrote "don't cry because it is over, smile because it is happening". i just broke up not long ago at that time, the wordings made me cry. i didn't wanna let go .. at all ..

    mica: so glad you like the photograph. :)

    sharon: thank you so much for your support. you're right, loving a person with all our heart is always the correct move. to ensure no regrets as well. :)

    marcus: *knock myself in the head* yes, i believe !! *nod nod*

  21. Sharon: Correction i feel, it should be loving a person ,who deserves it, with all your heart is the best thing in the world..

  22. I am waiting for time to come as well.... no rush...

  23. @deimos,这句话不是你开始讲的,我是说要弊死‘开始’讲的人。。。。(因为想想开始讲的人应该不在人,所以我也不必亲自弊死他=p)



  24. Errmmm .... don't get the meaning ... hehehe

  25. marcus: but how do we judge if a person "deserve" it ??

    keong: indeed there are stuffs that we can't do anything to rush it.

    joshua: 连巴哈也跑出来了!我看…莫扎特也差不多是时候了吧,呵呵!:P 气过了发泄过了,心情会比较平静了吧?换一首歌,变换一下心情可能也会有帮助哦!但你放心,要发泄就发泄吧,我可不介意的。*拍拍肩膀* :)

    dav didi: it's all about the feeling of losing confidence in myself. :)

  26. mozart 在我心目中是个孩子。。。。。是个很厉害的孩子,是顽皮的孩子。。。。。。


  27. @levian lol, you're welcome. I lurk around OneManga daily

  28. joshua: 我想…你迟早会把整个音乐历史告诉我,然后把我教会吧

    elezend: you're not lurking among the incomplete, are you ?? :P first thing i clicked, is the "complete" section. i guess .. it was expected of me. XD

  29. You will know it and feel it.
    Also there are other feedbacks such as your family and friends.
    Though each of these sources of information is not 100 percent accurate and may be bias, but when combined together, they USUALLY do give an accurate judgement.

  30. I lurk around incomplete ones too cause I've read most of the completed series, lol

  31. akira: 才发现我没回复到你的留言,抱歉!的确等待不能太久,我想…不后悔就够了吧。

    marcus: now that you mentioned that, it does kinda give a rough guideline at some point. *nodding while thinking*

    elezend: you've finished all of the complete ones !! there are like hundreds of them !! *jaw drops*

  32. "旧的不去,新的不来"!
    Hmm, u seem prefer stay in the "history". do u know that if u still stay in the past, u will never know other new face over...u only have limited social space...

  33. past ?? who said anything about these are the past that i whined about ?? it is Current.

  34. 嗯, 你知道就好哦... 做什么事情都要尽力而为哦... 这样才可以对得起自己啊..

  35. 嗯,这点你可以放心,我们绝对不是亏待自己的类型,呵呵!:P