Tuesday, July 15, 2008


had been taking a wild emotional trip lately.

the ride, awesome. not in an emotional way of course. but awesome in a way i get the big picture of who seriously gives a damn when my mood practically went down the hill. (yes, i'm clearly aware of how difficult i'm during this period of time ..)
-piggy-, -bun- n -mummy- had been tolerating n taking in awfully lot of craps from me. while -baboon- 's charm worked perfectly by talking sense into that thick head of mine.
isn't Love just wonderful, surfacing especially when you needed it. it's definitely Magic !! yes, it is !!



  1. [had been taking a wild emotional trip lately.]

    I think I just had a similar ride, except that yours seems to be much funner and happier? -_-

    [isn't Love just wonderful, surfacing especially when you needed it. it's definitely Magic !! yes, it is !! ;)]

    Bah. Mine seems to be submerging. Time to find some new love. -_-

  2. A wild emotional trip? Where have your been?

    Well, may the Love be with you! XD

  3. Had the honour of enjoying such a wild an adventurous ride. I hope to see something more exciting in future.
    *evil eyes gleaming*

  4. wow~tat pic so cool!
    ur skill rili good jor!

    +u...rmb ur fren will owex beside u...XD

  5. deimos: the ride definitely isn't pleasant. the aftermath is what makes it all worthwhile. in fact, it is these aftermaths that causes me to stop drilling.

    talk to us, deimos. we might just be able to show you the love that you need. ;)

    akira: it's just a metaphoric way of describing i had a rough mood for the last few days. ;)

    marcus: more exciting ?? i was hoping for a peaceful mind .. alright, maybe not. let 'em come !! *embrace*

    梦幻园主之雯: am glad you love the photograph. n also thanks so much for your support. ;)

  6. How about you now? Are you okay? Hehe... I want to see you smile always~~~

  7. [talk to us, deimos. we might just be able to show you the love that you need. ;)]

    What kind of love?

    Friendship? :)

    New girl? O_O

    Not exactly over with this current relationship of more than four (4) years, coming close to five (5) years pretty soon.




  8. to Deimos: The 4th to 5th year of a relationship is a big obstacle to cross. Its a time when partners think about each others compatibility. I dunno why...its some..human intrinsic nature. If you can hold until the storm is over..then i can say most likely you got yourself your bride.

  9. akira: thank you so much for your concern !! i hope to smile always as well. it's suppose to be one of leo's power. ;)

    deimos: you're thinking Way too Far, hehe. it's friendship. ;)


    marcus: i heard similar stuff too. like around the 5-7th year, a relationship either progress to the next level, or completely stops. though some said children are able to watch that progressing level, it's also not always true. the "maintenance" thingy, still very much lies in the couple themselves.

    work the Magic !! :D

  10. ^_________________^

    Yeah, finally I can see your smile here! Hehe... XD XD XD

  11. Are you on the time of the month again? o.o

  12. akira: you're totally forcing that "smile" onto me. XD

    elezend: no .. XD i don't need a reason to be emotional, do i ?? =3

  13. Yeah I really want to!


    Smile is a special thing in this world, kinda amazing...