Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nada Sou Sou 涙そうそう (2006)

Nada Sou Sou

remarried parents made them siblings. he devoted his life for a younger sister whom he sworn to protect. the love between the siblings was indeed touching, especially with him sensing her need of support n appearing out of nowhere to rescue her from danger.

a simple n predictable film worth catching if you're into the happiness n difficulties they faced in life. be warned that this is another japenese movie that did Not have a "happily ever after" ending ..

some backgrounds on the movie:
- director: Nobuhiro Doi (土井裕泰)
- released: 2006
- casts: Satoshi Tsumabuki (妻夫木聡), Masami Nagasawa (長澤まさみ)
- language: Japanese
- genre: Family


  1. Satoshi Tsumabuki!!! Hehe, quite like his movie... Not a happy ending story? Sobx again...

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  3. hi,, can you update my link to, plz ? :) thanks..

  4. I wanted to watch.. But since you gave warning that this is not a happily ever after ending, I choose not to watch :(

  5. finally no more manga or anime...........hahahaahh

    how many episod?

  6. akira: he actually starred in Tokyo Drift when i looked through his filmography. but i suppose probably not a big character, else we would have remembered him. ;)

    quachee: will definitely take a look at it on your site. wait for me !! :D

    review blog: sure thing !! considered it done. ;)

    ahlost: my bad for ruining your enthusiasm, but sorry to say, many japanese family movies didn't have happy ending. hehe.

    joshua: this is a movie, therefore only 1 episode. n besides, i never wrote about manga, that was elezend (again). :P

  7. Yeah, he did really act in the movie, just we dint realise it! Haha... But too bad, Japanese is hard to get into big film in Hollywood, sigh~

  8. I am guessing.. in order to make their parents happy, the guy suggested to the girl that to keep their relationship as siblings.

    Then, the girl probably found someone else while the guy silently watches her from far.

  9. waaa... i tot im goin ti watch this moviee :)

  10. akira: personally, i think that japanese (or chinese) should just perform in their country's production instead of being clowns in hollywood's. everyone for themselves, eh. ;)

    elezend: on the contrary, the parents died when they were young, resulting them to depend on each other (more like d sister depending on the elder brother).

    the brother had a girlfriend once, but soon broke up. so nope, there were no third person involved in their sibling love. by the way, there ain't bf/gf love involved between these siblings, making their Love very touching n Pure (just the way i love it). ;)

    elmo: watch it !! it's all about nice (n pure) siblings love. :)

  11. Yeah, because the production level is not that kind of expert yet, and Asians are hard to meet with the high expectation of Western countries...