Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tag: Childhood

was tagged by -elezend- to post my baby photograph, along with a current one. i ain't gonna post a personal one, so .. i'll stick with those i took with -bun- n -mummy- ..

-bun- n i weren't exactly close when we were younger. in fact, we were each others' worst enemy. we fought for attention .. or for the satisfaction of annoying n getting on each others' nerves. *smirk*

n now .. we were the best definition of sisterhood (as define by those around us).


  1. Nice transformation! Hehe...
    Glad to see your childhood photo, and I would like to see more, can? hehe...

  2. [-bun- n i weren't exactly close when we were younger. ]

    I was closer than my elder brother when we were younger. :)

    A bit distant nowadays, as he is living and working in Australia. -_-

  3. I'm still close with my younger sister >.> ever since we were small.

    Anyway, housemate ish pretty XD!

  4. Awww...this is really cute! :) You and your sister look close! :)

  5. akira: let's see if i can find more photographs that i'm happy with. wait .. am i suppose to do a version 2, version 3 like what elezend did ?? :P

    deimos: aw .. can't help it if he's overseas. but on the other hand, catching up is gonna be Fun !! :D

    elezend: thanks !! =3 so where's yours, housemate ?? *clears throat*

    宝茹: thanks, we are in fact close. ;)

  6. ermmmm.........this photo have a bit different with the 上次的照片。。。。。。。。


  7. o.o! Gangster,gangster.. i see a real gangster! lol.. like big boss wife! *dun dare bully u any more*

  8. I know you must have been wondering where am I, still haven't comment on posts like this...


    There, here I am... =p

  9. joshua: 不知道还敢说哦,哈哈。我想应该是发型不同吧?;)

    pui: "big boss" meaning mafia's leader ?? wow, there goes my status. XD

    : thanks. :)

    cometh: oh so there you are. yes i was indeed wondering where you're hiding. :P

  10. ..............maybe?????

    I myself also dont know.............XD

  11. Haha, I will wait for the photos! I want to see more, more!!! Hehe XD

  12. joshua: haha it's alright. thanks for the support. :)

    akira: wow calm down. XD will look for it when i have more time, since everything seemed hectic lately.

  13. Haha, okay~ Take your time ya... ^^ Hehe...