Friday, August 08, 2008

Gundam 00 2nd Season

the first season of Gundam 00 (courtesy of -piggy-) left me hanging big time. it can't just end like that !! nooo !! .. *regain position* anyway, here goes the 2nd season's trailer. woohoo !!

go Tiera go !! i mean.. gundam .. :p
so, who is your favorite ??


  1. Yeah!! go tiera....

    but where's the trailer??

  2. Wow! Where is Akira? Normally he get the sofa! ^ ^

    BTW, Barbie never watch Gundam at all =( Mostly, I am so much into cute animations lol... wat de health * I meant to misspelled it * Gum Dam is cute too heh heh... I notice that Akira is collecting Gum Dam gun lol... so? ^ ^ Levian and Akira got same preference?

  3. Yeah, Gundam 00 is coming again!!! Hehe... Go for it, yeah!!!


    I saw some Gundam models quite cheap at KL, but dint buy them, because my budget was on food hunting... hehe...

    Greeting from KL ya!!!

  4. Among the four, Exia cooler in

  5. jchan: the trailer is .. there ?? within the post.

    barbie: i won't blame you for that. since guys are much more into gundam than us girls. it doesn't click naturally. :p

    but personally, i don't mind getting to know something new, let it be technical or nontechnical. after watching the first season (which the review i haven't posted), i find that gundam too, can be rather interesting !! a whole new discovery. :D

    miyuki: lets keep our fingers crossed n hope for the best. :D

    akira: i got mine from kl as well, since most of it is quite expensive even if found here. rather inconvenient.

    pui: exia is the leader after all. but setsuna has quite a characteristics though. :p

  6. Haha, next time when you come to KL again, just grab some and head home ya!!!

  7. akira: i might if i find any gundam i like again. half way through nadleeh, i'm heated up right now!! ;)

  8. Haha, I saw some quite cheap as compared to Penang, and I want to get them also, *wanting*

  9. I haven't watch gundam 00 but it's definitely on my will watch list because I've liked Gundam ever since the Gundam Seed series =)