Monday, August 18, 2008


as we were walking on the foot massage paths after a sweaty jog, shrieking, fooling, n Minding our Own Business, a lady approached us n started throwing her all-so-mighty remarks. another typical adults who Assumed they are mightier for being older, more experience .. yet immature ..

as much as i'd love to make her fall flat on her face on the rocky path, i believe i gave her enough Respect by not glaring at her or fought her words. offended again n again, i choose to walk away in silence.

facing one who stomps on your pride n have fun thrashing it at will; personal judgment that went overboard n became offensive; my body shook suppressing the anger. am grateful, however, during such moments i wasn't left alone ..
i can be tough when i want to, i can have fun with my loved one if i want to. to mock n insult me just because i'm younger ?? oh, pleeease get a life ..(words that burn in my throat .. in her face if i were to Not respect her)


  1. The sunset is so nice! If you own yourself a DSLR camera, I wonder that how much sunset or sky photos you will take, hehe...

    What have happened? Why the lady suddenly mocked and insulted on you?

  2. tis topic is nice how good if u convert it to poem

  3. 不要让人小看你年轻。。。。。。。。。。。挺你!!!!=)


  4. Now what is stopping you...
    Seriously, only respect people who commands it. And people who dun respect you should not deserve respect at all despite whatever status they have.
    This reminds me of an incident i had recently. I was at a bus stop with some friends. Chatting and moving around and all that. My backwards motion accidentally bump into someone walking past me from behind. Realizing that is my bad, i just said sorry. But to that man, he looked at me with an irritable face that says "Kids..can you behave yourself".

    Alright I know i look young (hehe) and all that and even though you dressed in a office shirt with a tie doesn't make you any mightier than me to give me that sort of look.
    Feeling pissed, in a defiant manner i told him "Youre the one blocking my way, so why dun you get out of my face"

    He just walked away... damn i feel good. hahaha

  5. [quote]He just walked away... damn i feel good. hahaha..[quote]

    Oh boy! I read the ENTIRE comment of Marcus, and it ended up like the joke for my early morning, and I can't help not to lol to myself ^ ^

    >>@Princess Levian: I only respect those who deserve to get my respect for them. I would lose my respect in no time if certain people make me be. Things would be end up far beyong their expectations, cuz this Barbie can't bear with them acting so lame like that.

    You ended thing up walking away in silence, so your level of tolerance is just far better than me. I wish I wouldn't such a short temper gal, but I just can't help. If I got pissed, i would just snap at the innocent people around me esp my poor younger Sister lol...

    *nail biting* Don't look at me like that Heh heh.... ^ ^ Sound like a weirdo to you or not, Princess :P ?

  6. akira: ask her, she is the one having too much free time to judge n "curse" others. we were just laughing n playing on the path, while she came over n throw her remarks. no one asked for her opinion .. d'oh ..

    it has gotta depend on how often do i bring it along then. since my mobile is always with me, it makes it possible to snap photographs as often as i wish. ;)

    : my anger into a poem ?? i think .. the mood won't be there. :)

    joshua: 嗯,我们这样的想法就不会像这种人一样,自以为了不起。永远就只会自己最厉害。

    marcus: maybe it is the value that's different ?? in atlantis, we still posses the requirement of "respecting the elders". n heck, most of them don't even deserve it. but once you started the "battle", the younger one is already considered to be at the losing end.

    i'm still yet to posses the skill to mock with a taunting smile on my face. when her remarks are targeted directly at me, immediately i got offended n my defense is up.

    barbie: glad you find it amusing ..

    if the one who mock me is younger, i won't be tolerating. but for adults (other than my own parents whom i can reason with), i would usually stay quiet, keeping my defense high when they are getting offensive.

    but in this case .. mock by a total stranger, wasn't expected at all, especially when i'm having fun. heck, i think she's jealous since she went alone .. yawn ..

  7. Oh, for me that lady would be crazy then! I hate people came to insult me without reason! And for sure I will "hamtam" back, that is Scorpio!!!

  8. Foot massage paths! :)

    That's really weird, what exactly did you do? Probably the lady was talking about someone else.

    Cheer up! Don't be discouraged!

  9. So that aunty just came by and sort of scolded you two right in your faces huh?

    Stupid aunties. -_-

  10. akira: you sure sounds fiercer than you look, scorpio-san !! i'm impressed. come over here n back me up, quick !! :p

    宝茹: someone else ?? like when she's talking straight at me ?? i'm Very sure she is talking to me .. i'm just offended, like who does she think she is. gee ..

    deimos: unbelievably yes, she just came over minding MY business. maybe i looked too childish in my ponytail .. *wondering*

    shiera: glad you liked it !! :)

  11. If I'm beside you that time, for sure I will shoot her without any hesitation!!! God, I just dont like this kind of people...

  12. akira: definitely annoying. gee, it's like she thinks she is the god or something. who gave her the right to judge me on first sight anyway ??

  13. Well, this is one of the most stupid people in the world... Judge people on first sight is ok, but dont insult people!!!