Saturday, September 06, 2008

Car Accident.

standing in the pouring rain checking out each others' cars, both parties became defensive, filling the air with highly unpleasant mood, throwing accusative words in each others' face. we felt minimal impact in the car, the result said otherwise. the moment i stood out of the car, i started calling numbers. though we are non-barbaric, backup n support are essential during time like these. mechanics n car towers came, hoping to earn a business or two. none succeeded. by-passers watched, amused. standing in the middle of the road last night, we were like animals trapped in a zoo. a time consuming procedures, but a whole new experience for me. leaving only to know mummy knew the driver's husband. he was my senior in primary school, only 3 years apart. the girl who threw harsh words at us just minutes ago, stood behind him looking ashamed, unable to look at her husband's ex-teacher in the eyes.



  1. Are you okay? Everybody okay too?

  2. (After sms)

    Glad to see that everyone is fine, yeah, luckily no human is hurt... Thanks God...

    Mechanics and car towers came, it is quite normal nowadays, is part of the business also...

    But the weird thing is your mother knew your senior, wow, the world is so small...

  3. hu~~lucky no ppl injure...

    tat car的屁股same with mine le...flat de...ha ha

  4. Thks God no one got serious injuries =) Each and every time I hear ppl talk about car accident, I just feel unceasingly panic, cuz I myself was in the car crash myself last year. Sch a horrible experience in my life, but if it happened, then it happened =) Lol... doesn't make sense at all, but watever.

  5. akira: thank you so much for your immediate sms n concern. you're a good friend one could have. :) the "small world" part was kinda freakish. XD

    梦幻园主之雯: you're comparing your butt with a car's butt ?? XD indeed it was lucky that no one was injured. thanks. :)

    barbie: i figure i'll have to get used to you mouthing "whatever" as frequently as you have to as well. *inhale* anyway, thanks for your sharing of experience. :)

  6. You are welcome ya! Just wonder how are you there, so took the action by sms to you better... Kinda freakish to you all? The lady really scold in a harsh way?

  7. owh, so u mean dat the lady who bumped ur car, ur mum noe her husband?

    haha for her, so embarassing!

    so how's ur car now? really unlucky...

    last time i experienced once too, but it's in other ppl's school carpark. u can imagine how many ppl luking at me. urgh~

    neway, 人没事就好。

  8. Thank goodness you're okay, but when did that happened? So many traffic accidents nowadays it's scary. I've seen 3 accident in the last 10 days already (one of them with ambulance and a bloody motorcyclist), all of them happened technically kinda near where you work...

    Nothing we can do to people who threw harsh words at others, deep down they are probably scared AND furious at the same time. I knew because I got involved in accidents before too, the other guy try to gain an upper hand by being hostile all over and don't even let me speak. Such is life.

    Just as I thought I have a tough day at work, reading your post actually made me feel a bit better (well yeah you know I'm evil already fufufu~), but honestly, good to see you safe and sound.

    Toyota GOA body FTW!

  9. akira: it can't be helped i suppose. everyone wanna get the upper hand during times like this. instinctively self-protection.

    ivanov: yes she does. i can't imagine being in her shoes that minute. the car is now at the workshop. oh gosh, i can understand the feeling of being stared at. XD thanks for your concern. :)

    rollakid: it happened just the night before. exactly, other than us, there is another 2 that happened just around the corner. heard about it while we were at the police station. they were calling backup n stuff. gosh ..

    i guess they can't help being defensive during time like these. some freaked n basically just stand there, others got defensive n start pulling their trigger. the later is definitely more typically seen.

    aw, tough day ?? anything that bug you particularly ?? i'll be all ears if you need one nya~ n thanks for the late night message,
    draw a smile on my face in the middle of the night. =3

  10. Thanks, but best not talk about it at work :/

    "draw a smile on my face in the middle of the night. "

    *doodles on levian's face with a marker while she's asleep*

  11. Woh,

    Good that you are alright.

    Anyhow, since you are rammed from behind, anyhow argue also the car behind is at fault.

    Wanna take advantage ah... Grrrr...

    Should have given u my num least I can be extra keh leh feh stand there... hahahaha =p

    Or even be the first to blog bout the accident... ho


  12. Time also to mod the car kao kao.. =p

    Put some aeroplane wings....some neon...some boombox...tint..


    That would be to Ah Beng-ish...


  13. More like the mods won't make your car any safer, attracts police, and extra cost... unless you want to do it for the lulz.

  14. rollakid: let's talking about it when you're off work then. you know exactly when i'll be in. ;)

    *swing arms around during sleep, karate chopping everything in the path*

    cometh: won't you just reach n went "are you levian?" instead ?? not forgetting you "almost" mistook me before !! XD

    oh, ahbeng-ish n .. kopi-o-welcome-ish. :p

  15. You're rite Princess =( I wonder why I keep uttering the word "watever" this much *sigh* I know it myself that it's not a good term to be used this often =( My bad! Hopefully, I can get rid of this, or to at least, not using it too often, but works or not, I just er... dn't know =S

  16. You got rammed from behind and the driver of the other car scolded you? What nonsense! The fault is hers so there is really nothing to argue about. Just get their details and go straight to the police station.

  17. barbie: maybe you're trying to overlook the bad stuff happening around you, but eventually miss out the good stuff as well ?? i hope not. good or bad, it is what make us who we are. ;)

    foongpc: she can't help it i guess. people get defensive when they are cornered. met at the police station after that. XD

  18. Haha, but according to law, the ones who hit the car at the back, is the one needs to pay back...

  19. Hope all the things are settled? I know it is a tedious process when involved in an accident. Take care :)

  20. feel sorry after I read ur blog. Glad to know u r ok. Long time not visiting ur blog. Congrats also for your graduation.

  21. akira: trying to scare us off maybe ?? i'm not sure what was she thinking. or maybe she was just scared as well.

    janice: yes, fortunately everything is settled. the car is now at the workshop as well. thanks !! :)

    cipu: thanks for the concern, n welcome back !! :)

  22. Yup, mostly the one who hits other, will try to defend himself/herself first...

  23. akira: she had her share of humiliation. since everything else is settled, she shall be forgiven this time. hehe.

  24. Wow, you are so kind-hearted! Am proud to have a friend like you!

  25. akira: as long as the problem is solved. the insurance n all the official procedures are completed. the car is still in the workshop though. XD

  26. Just let the car get some rest also! XD