Saturday, September 20, 2008


when things get a little agitating n disappointing, it is wise to have a change of pace. as the positive emotions arrived, it soon replace the bitter emotions that stacked for days. a humid afternoon ended much merrier than expected. indeed when one happens to be a physical person, every intentional hug soothes the anxiety. allowing the sensation to flow through the souls as the flame ignites, all resentments vanished in thin air.



  1. Wow, the pic is so nice, is that the fish pond in your house?

    Glad to see you are recovering the bitter emotions that stacked for days...

  2. A change in pace in other words means stepping back to observe the whole situation at a different angle and also taking a break. And then coming back again with renewed strength.

    I just have to comment since its.. I"M THE FIRST! WOO HOO!

  3. NOoooooo... Akira you... *picks up a chainsaw*

  4. よかったですよね。。。

  5. Lol.... Marcus??? sorry :P I can't help but lol... Hah hahh.... :P

    Oh princess! Is that true that u have the fish pond at your house? Nice shot babe! And yeah, as always *wink*

    I've missed many of ur post ady =( I'm not on the line much these days, but oh well...

    I'm so glad to see the unpleasant threads of life gone with the wind... *hug*

  6. akira: fish pond at my house ?? suddenly feel so rich. :p nop, its actually taken at the park. will probably create a post for it, to introduce the park. :)

    marcus: seriously not easy stepping back when you're so uptight with emotions, negatives ones even. ah well, who am i to explain here, you know me well enough. :p

    now now, lets play nice around here. *take away the chainsaw* only words can be used to attack in This battle field. *oh yes, words are so much fun !! (dang, now i feel like a geek)* XD

    rollakid: そね、今ちょっと安心しった。おまえもがんばるよ!:)

    barbie: am glad to be hearing from you all the same, misses you so much around here. ;)

    hopefully the pleasantness stays longer this round though. you know my emotional tide n all. :p n hope all is well with you !! :)

  7. Friendship park? I wonder if the cat fish I throw into the pond is still there or not..

  8. Is a good change!!!
    clap clap clap>_<

  9. That's why sometimes you need someone to help pull you back from that..shithole..easy to get stuck, hard to get out. And since its shit, its gonna be smelly and filthy, so only good and committed friends and family will be able to offer that undivided help.
    hehe there are so many hands here. All you gotta do is grab on to one and then you'll be out in the sunshine in no time.

    Awww.. no chainsaw.. how about this small RAMBO knife...*practices with a slash and stab*

  10. rollakid: couple of months back, all of the fishes actually died n they had to get new ones to replace them. wonder if yours is before or after.

    宿影: hehe. thanks for the support. :)

    marcus: "good n committed friends n family", as much as i love the sound of it, very seldom are there any beside you. well, unless you go whining in their face, that is. simply grabbing a hand might seemed easy, but to pick the right hand that will understand you instead of judging you, is another difficult matter. *complicating stuff*

    oh alright, just use the rambo knife. nothing is gonna stop that urge of you i believe. :p

  11. Before.

    But catfishes are survivors. That fish is actually caught by my uncle with a fishing rod, gave it to us for dinner. It was alive even without water. It spent a night in the freezer (the top one) and 2nd day still alive.

    We don't feel like eating it so we put it back to the pond. I swear I'm not lying, else you can have my... well... whatever you wish.

    The last time I was there, it has grown so big... must be eating small fishes.

  12. Haha, I really thought that it was at your house! Haha... Next time introduce the whole park to us ya!

  13. Cool!!! They look so beautiful!!!

  14. rollakid: ehh, still breathing after spending a night in the freezer ?? dang, that thing sounds possessed. *shivers* gonna look out for it next time i go. but didn't they dry the whole pond when all the fishes died back then ??

    akira: sure thing, the post should be up these couple of days. had it scheduled but .. forgot which day. :p

    宝茹: thanks, glad you liked them. :)

  15. Yeah, cant wait about it!!! It is a good thing to see the park at different peninsular...

  16. akira: skipping the typical parks, there are some pretty cool ones. mostly only to people outside i suppose.

  17. akira: locals barely find it "Special" because they are around it too much ?? same theory as we are more interested in the world out there i suppose. ;)

  18. Oh, it is an attractive place to get more people to there!!! Marketing strategy... *hehe*

  19. akira: businessman with his business talk eh. but it sure does attract others to it !! ;)

  20. It's only 25 minutes *walk* from my house... and I don't visit it too often...