Monday, September 01, 2008


the hectic day began early on August 25th, 5 a.m. as sleepy as we were, the day was filled with fun n excitements. flowers, plushies, congratulations, cameras' flashes that went on n off filled the hall. there were only 10 in our gang (batch). making our red cape exquisite n eye-catching.


  1. Eh. didn't tell me you are graduating? I tot you graduated?


    Lets go celebrate... =p

    Anyway, it's the thought that counts...


  2. Congratulation my dear friend!!! I bet you were excited that time! Hehe...

    More photos!!! I want to see!!! XD hehe...

  3. Awww! Congratulations my dear princess! ^ ^ I can sense your happiness keh keh... When will it be me? Erm.... However, I wonder if I would feel lost after I graduated or sth? Lol... wait and see ^ ^

    Oh, wanna see more pics ^ ^ You gonna upload some more, aren't u?

  4. And where is the graduation pictures???

    And yes, this is more like a demand than a request...


  5. 梦幻园主之雯: thanks !! :)

    cometh: wow lets go celebrate .. *choke* what a buddy you are. :p fine, stay tuned, i'll dig some for you, somewhere.

    akira: most of the time it was a blur. the early morning maybe ?? or maybe because smiling nonstop in front of the flashing camera. XD

    barbie: i actually wasn't planning on posting more photographs. but i'll do it, since this post doesn't seem to satisfy EveryOne. XD

    joshua: herm .. what ?? btw, why can't i access your site ??

    shiera: thanks !! :)

  6. Sure! Any photo of yours will do! Show to us ya!

  7. I also thought you graduated also too! Or is this for a graduate course??

    Ah yes, the graduation picture!!! That's very important. :D

    What course did you take?


  8. coz changing host.............troublesome

    i think now can already

  9. akira: hang in there, i'm processing some to be posted soon. i know you all Love Me !! =3

    宝茹: "for a graduate course" ?? are there courses you Don't graduate from ?? *lost* i took computer science n software engineering. :)

    joshua: ah yes, now i can access your page. :)

  10. Grats but how come there's a cartoon network bedsheet?

    Anyway, where and what did you study? @.@

  11. Haha, I have been waiting for the photos since you attended the convocation... Faster man~~~ Hehe...

  12. Ooops. Sorry for not explaining myself more clearly. Graduate courses like those degrees on the graduate level (not undergrad). Masters, PhD's, etc. :D

    Wooohhh~~you're so cool! Computer science and software engineering sounds so hard. So what are your plans now?

  13. elezend: you noticed because it is ppg, isn't it !! you didn't even mentioned about the book. yes, you're biased. :p these are presents i received btw. first question, at swinburne n second question .. refer to 宝茹's comments. :p

    akira: calm down !! i had arranged the photographs already. will finalize it tomorrow. it'll be up Very soon. ;)

    宝茹: there are undergrad degrees ?? *puzzled* ours are all graduating btw - foundation, diploma, bachelor, n master. :)

  14. Sure, waiting for tomorrow! Hehe...

  15. akira: "tomorrow" has reached !! XD

  16. Just different terms. :)

    Undergraduate degrees are those Bachelor...etc.

    Graduate degrees are those Masters, PhD's. :D

    Anyway, forget it. I'm just confusing you more and more. :)