Thursday, September 11, 2008


a 4-years relationship broke off without a concrete reason. just when i thought my last broke up was inconceivable, hers turned out to be unimaginably absurd n heartbreaking. a distanced relationship being difficult enough, an unreasonable breakup is furthermore unbearable.

the soreness resurfaced as i listened to her struggle to rephrase her misery, my heart continued to ache as i imagined the suffering she must have felt - the sadness, the disappointment, the betrayal ..
"everything happened for a reason", despite the sadness n anger felt, we believe god has everything well planned. now more than ever, we hold on to faith. n more than ever, i clang on tight for the happiness within reach.

Hang in there, dearie ..
皆は幸せ成りたい ..


  1. Must be tough on her, hope everything is okay. Might not be appropriate to say this but, time does heal.

  2. The feeling is so bad, I can imagine that! Hopefully your friend is okay now, and wish her all the best... *Pass a message to her - Take care!!!*

  3. prim3: no i will not, until you come out from your hiding. *insist on being stubborn*

    rollakid: true, but nothing does for now. poor thing does has the right to whine n release herself. i'm more than willing to be her channel whenever she desires.

    akira: no worries, she does read my blog occasionally. obviously she isn't okay right now, but hanging on i'm sure.

  4. Broken relationship... It is hurtful indeed. At the start, 2 ppl started off very well, but when time slips by, thing's changed, and that 2 great frns are just worse than 2 complete strangers. One let stubborness pinned their heart, while another one, let their egos get the best of them. Wanna say sorry to one another, or perhaps to let that one know that they can't afford to lose him/her, but it's pretty hard to utter these words. Complicated... I wish I knew more about this term, Relationship...

  5. Okay, just hope that she can be strong all the time... Please be with her during this darkness moment ya...

  6. barbie: is that what you'd experienced ?? you're right, its rather heartbreaking when things has to turn for the worst. but as for her case, she didn't see it coming. everything was well until he voiced out. sad.

    akira: you make it sounds like i'm not ?? oh my, that's rather hurtful ..

  7. Ah lar! I'm not mentioning in that way, I just "remind" and I bet you will do it also... Don't think too much ya! XD

  8. everybody was happy?????

    yes, i am i am!!!!

  9. This post reminds my ex-gilfriend.
    I feel so guilty to broker her heart last time. -_-"
    Aiks...but life still hv to go on....

  10. It's not easy to comfort someone who's heartbroken. I learn that from experience.

    When someone come to you seeking audience, you know you should listen to them but sometime you just don't know what to say back to them. Obviously you're not the same person as they are, you have your own thoughts, your own different experience. Ever said something you thought it SHOULD be comforting, for example "Now now... it's going to be okay... just let it go and you'll feel better," or something among the lines, only to get fired back and told that you don't understand their feelings? I get that before, do feel sorry but then it was unintentional and my intentions are good.

    Then there's time when they come to you to complain, and you happened to have the same problem (relationship wise or even work wise). Both of you goes on and on like "hey, we're the same! let's be buddies fro now on!" and then you keep on talking about the sad things and end up getting even sadder...

    There will be no immediate remedy, we're just people, not professional psychiatrist, but then we can't just say "no, I can't help you" and shut off...


  11. :( I hope your friend is ok lo~~ Hang in there!

  12. akira: i hope you are .. you should know me well enough till that extend by now. *self-healing*

    joshua: herm .. is that suppose to be a consolation ??

    jeromefo: but as a man, if you give a truthful reason, she'll accept it eventually. without reason however, is simply unacceptable.

    rollakid: my guess is, it's just probably the way you say it, or your background doesn't support you strong enough (since you don't tell people whole lot of your inner wold as well :p). therefore leads to their "don't understand my feelings" conclusion.

    about getting sadder for continuing the topic, it's both fun n annoying for me. fun because there is finally someone in the same channel to rant with. annoying is when it gets repetitive. reminds me of the never ending fight on the same topic i had with my ex .. urgh, he just don't get it. *choke* anyway, it may not be completely bad either. a releasing channel after all. :)

    but then again, not shutting off n stuff like that .. makes human interesting, won't you say ?? ;)

    宝茹: she is. don't worry, she still has us, n we love her dearly. ;)

  13. "since you don't tell people whole lot of your inner wold as well :p"

    You just didn't ask :P I'm like the government I filter out information. You want something you ask and I'll answer, since you know how to threaten people... o.o;;

    "but then again, not shutting off n stuff like that .. makes human interesting, won't you say ?? ;)"

    Crack people open part is fun too. I remain firm on the 85% open, 15% for cracking policy :3 so you know what to do now...

  14. rollakid: government, not similar type with ours i hope. hiding the facts from its citizens .. *grumbles*

    threaten eh .. i'll call that Persuade. ohohoho !! the 15% is what makes most people (me) evil. human nature .. you hide it, people dig it. *transform into a soul reaper*

  15. Ahhh, I faced this situation last night too... One of my friend cried in wedding dinner, because she was thinking of her past bad memories...

  16. akira: relationship memories ?? she must have involved herself completely back then, for her to feel so hurt after it ended. the pain never does go away ..

  17. Yup, she did had one bad memories on relationship side... Her ex cheated on her, and we really mad on her ex too...

  18. akira: another case that involved third person. people nowadays seemed to find difficulties in staying loyal to their partners ..

  19. Hmm, maybe they think got other more better choices out there?