Monday, September 22, 2008

Tag: 31 Questions

tagged by -akira- to answer the following 31 questions related to myself. a long but definitely Fun tag !!

  1. where is your cell phone?
    within reach most of the time. now it lies quietly in my jeans pocket.

  2. your significant other?

  3. your hair?
    long n still planning for a new style, if i come up with any, for next year.

  4. your mother?
    at home with my dad.

  5. your father?
    at home with my mum ..

  6. your favorite thing for the moment?
    peace of mind, it feels good to let it all out n returning being myself again.

  7. your dream last night?
    cried my eyes out while blurting the suppressed emotions, ended up toss n turn for the rest of the night, dreamless.

  8. your favorite drink for the moment?
    starbuck's signature hot chocolate is always at the top of my list.

  9. your dream/goal?
    to achieve happiness in Life.

  10. the room you’re in?
    the pc room, since i'm using a desktop.

  11. your hobbies?
    movies/anime, blogging, reading, to explore stuff i didn't know about.

  12. your fear?
    not Owning happiness.

  13. where do you want to be in 6 year?
    working, family .. come what may.

  14. what you’re not?
    i'm not an emotionally stable person.

  15. muffins?
    preferable chocolate or raisins.

  16. where you grew up?
    kuching - city of the cats.

  17. the last thing you did?
    having breakfast with piggy.

  18. what are you wearing?
    t-shirt n jeans.

  19. favorite gadget?
    my mobile phone's camera.

  20. your pet?
    my punk cat - Yuki.

  21. your computer?
    a clone pc i setup years ago when i first started working.

  22. your mood?
    contented mode. it feels good to be myself again after a rough night.

  23. missing someone?
    always, but as long as i know where he is n what he is doing.

  24. your car?
    i have none, aiming for one.

  25. something you’re not wearing?
    my makeup. haven't been playing with it for quite a while now.

  26. favourite store?
    the chained bookstores, where gazillions of books are stacked up high.

  27. like someone?
    yes. the feeling exists in all forms magically.

  28. your favorite color?
    red, burning n aggressive. hot.

  29. when is the last time you laughed?
    this morning, finally feel like myself again.

  30. last time you cried?
    last week, once when i was voicing out my loneliness, another during a buddy's conflict.

tagging 2 people for now, since the rest seemed to be too busy for tags.
1) rollakid
2) 梦幻园主之雯


  1. Thanks for the tag :D

    Double post tonight I guess...

    Can I tag Akira back? XD jk jk..

  2. Oh no no no, rolla... You cannot tag me back... Hehe...

    Wow, you did it very fast!!!

    Glad to know you more and more...

  3. There's sth unique about Princess Levian, so yeah, I agree with what you said here, Akira :P Wanna get to know u more and more and more h ahhah... sounds so silly lol... I am just like this once in awhile or perhaps most of the time lol... *grin*

  4. That doll looks so goth-like. :P

  5. rollakid: you can save it for another day if you prefer though. flexibility. ;)

    akira: having fun digging me there, aren't you ?? :p

    barbie: would you like to be tagged as well ?? now that you're back n all. i can add you to the list. ;)

    宝茹: well yeah, that's the point. :)

  6. Please check Entrecard policy no auto music or the site will be delete from EC. Just for info.

  7. bonoriau: dang, now why is that even an issue anyway. *complains* as long as it is not playing, i hope ?? *click to stop the music from auto playing*

  8. Yeah, it is one of the way to dig you more and more...

    Searching for more interesting tags too!

  9. Heh heh... I would really love too, but I'm such a tortoise-progress blogger these day, so better not tag me as I know I'll be late to response ur tag =(

    but hey, princess? I will always stalk on you whenever I got time. I will just come and continue coming :P to see what u have been up to heh heh... esp when I don't feel like studying or doing homework ^ ^

    I don't have friendster dear =( I can let you see my pictures if you like =) *Hug Hug*

    With Love,

  10. rollakid: he/she ain't back to answer my question .. yea, i didn't even pay any attention to it in the first place. heck, sharing with limitation eh, how fun will that be.

    akira: n i'm totally waiting for them !! oh wait .. you do have a lot of other bloggers waiting to be tagged as well right ?? aw .. i'll just wait for my turn i suppose.

    barbie: am so honoured to be at your service, to entertain you at least for a minute or two, free from boredom. ;)

    i would very much Love to take a look at your photographs !! you had me wondering for quite a while now. :D

  11. Haha, if I got some new friends added inside, of course I will tag them!!! Don't worry about your turn, you will get it for sometimes.... XD

  12. akira: n that kept me wondering, why would some bloggers dislike tags ?? ain't it interesting ?? :D

  13. Maybe for them the tags are boring and waste of time... But for us, nah, I will take it as a fun thing!!!

  14. akira: it definitely is !! can never get tagged enough. n i think i'm cheating by not telling those whom i tag. just to check if they did read my post. 雯 did not read my post completely. :p