Wednesday, October 08, 2008

pig's intelligence..

remembered watching on Animal Planet, which mentioned pigs' intelligence being higher than dogs. dad's doubtful stare triggered my urge to find proof .. i know what i heard !!

Clarifications to Dog lovers:
the following information found isn't aim to critique dogs' intelligence. the reasons dogs are used as comparison, is solely because they are closer to human, therefore easier to understand.

"dogs look up to us. cats look down on us. pigs treat us as equals."
- Sir Winston Churchill, attr.

in the documentary "Look Who Is Talking Babe" (1998), pigs excelled in using computers, and dogs failed. the pigs were about as good as the chimpanzees. it is said that chimpanzees share 98% of their genes with humans. pigs too is quite close, but in different ways: their Organs n Skin. pigs has organs n skins that may be transplanted to humans, its size and build-up come close to humans'. Professor Stanley Curtis ranks the pig as number two among intelligent beings on the planet. Others suggest humans, apes n monkeys, dolphins n whales, n next pigs. what matters is that researchers insist that the pig is a bright n sensitive animal.

pigs are idiots ?? think again .. i'll have a continuous post on pig's Cleanliness coming up soon. ;)


  1. I would say pig is damn cute!!! Hehe...

  2. If we were to follow the notion that pigs are similar to humans...

    Then it is safe to deduce that I am a cannibal now.

    Great...Cannibal Cometh...



  3. cats look down on us

    yes!!!!!totally agree!!!


  4. To justify pig is stupid, I once remember reading a tech site quoting someone famous, and it says "Think about how stupid an average person is, then think that half the human population is even stupider than that average person".

    Not to say I agree or disagree, but then it's just something interesting.

  5. Each and every time I fail to remember sth that needed to be done or sth very important, I always say " I am fish, I am fish!" lol.. You know why? This is simply becuz I rmb how funny silly Nemo's Dad were. He's the very forgetful fish I've ever seen lol... Left and Right, Left and Right ^ ^ Did u notice how funny he is, Princess when he was on the way to find his son, Nemo?

    Back to the topic heh heh... ^ ^ You know, Princess? I thought Pig are stupid, and less intelligent than dogs, but the reserch turns out otherwise lol... Interesting :)

  6. PIGS ARE CUTE!! hihi.. *i put it with caps lock* :D

  7. You are what you eat, now you know why those who consume pork are smarter than those who do not. :D

  8. akira: yea, especially the miniature pigs. how cool to have them as pets. =3

    cometh: cannibal cometh eh !! can i have a bite of your brain, just a tiny bite !! *slurp*

    joshua: 猫咪真的很有个性,这点我超爱。我想,那是它们吸引我的原因吧,呵呵!对,华人最喜欢骂人猪。叫某个种族也叫猪吧,我也是一个。:p

    rollakid: n that leaves .. fewer than few human, wise. now i can't help wondering which category do we belong to. :p

    barbie: "i am fish", i think i need to re-watch nemo to get that scene in my head. then i'll be in sync of which scene it is when you're saying that exact phrase. ;) i'm glad the information is able to fill you with another set of information. :)

    elmo: especially the miniature pigs. XD

    ahlost: what's "piggo" ??

    deimos: maybe we should start consuming chimpanzees. we'll be unbeatable, ohohoho !! XD

  9. 是咯,猫她可以不理你就不理你的。。。。过的生活也很写意。。。。。=)



  10. Hehe, very chubby, feel like wanna hit the nose =3

  11. I've also heard about the pig myths. Pigs are actually clean animals. :)

    But dogs still rule! :D

  12. alice: 是哦,我也好喜欢。可惜这里不允许。:p

    joshua: 燕尾服猫咪是怎样的?

    akira: hit !! or lets just pinch it n makes it suffocate. XD

    宝茹: well again, like i stated in the clarification, this post is unrelated to dogs. ;)

  13. Haha, you sound more evil than me... But that is a good idea too! Hit hit hit!!!

  14. akira: poor little thing. we are totally having fun "loving" it virtually. XD