Friday, October 10, 2008

Tag: Personal Report

was tagged by -cherry- to answer the following questions. mainly about "now" n some personal backgrounds. here goes !!
  1. what date is it?
    october 10th.

  2. what time did you wake up?
    8 am.

  3. did you go somewhere yesterday?
    yes, went back to campus.

  4. what did you do there?
    attend the alumni gathering n checking out the employment fair.

  5. are you mature or immature?
    those who know me should have the answer. why not you tell me ??

  6. what do you call your mom n dad?
    "mi" n "li".

  7. are you an only child?
    no, i have a sister.

  8. where do you go shopping?
    around town, there ain't that many choices to confuse myself with.

  9. do you like school?
    for the "making friends" part, yeah.

  10. do you like books?
    yes, there are other Worlds that stays hidden in books.

  11. do you want to get married?
    yes, if that's where happiness lead me.

  12. with whom?

  13. are you spoiled?
    yes, but only with close ones.

  14. what's the most flattering compliment you ever get?
    "i will support you always. it is good to voice out n i'm ready to hear yours."

  15. only girl/boy in the family?
    no, i have a sister.

  16. if you were to marry a celebrity, who would it be?
    some asian guy, most probably japanese or chinese.

  17. would you like to meet josh hartnett?
    not much thought about it.

  18. where do you think your best friend is?
    at home.

  19. when was the last time you talked to your best friend?
    last week.

  20. you think he/she needs you now?
    no, else i'll be hearing from her.

  21. what do you want for your birthday?
    happiness, n more happiness to come.

  22. if you were to buy a car, which car would it be?
    any, as long as it gets me around town.

  23. a duet with heart evangelista?

  24. do you wear makeup?
    yes, but not now.

  25. what lip balm do you use?

  26. would you get a tattoo?
    thought about it, but i don't wanna have it for the rest of my life.

  27. belly pierce?
    not until i planned to wear something that will expose my belly.

  28. how many kids do you want?
    1 or 2.

  29. do you have any homework?
    fortunately no. i have a whole stacked of anime to catch though.

  30. any song that you're listening to?
    singing-along the anime theme song at the beginning of each episode.

  31. do you believe in spells?
    yes, Magic is everywhere !!

  32. where do you want to go now?
    to get something to munch.

  33. tagging?
    - akira
    - rollakid


  1. Yeah, this tag is very interesting to me! Hehe... Got some questions I cannot answer also!

    Well, you got lotsa "homework=anime" to do ya! XD

  2. Hmm.. interesting... will get around to finish it...

    Thanks for the tag, doesn't sound very digging this time.

  3. Heh heh... 2 lucky people is Pinky Akira and Rollakid ^ ^ One of your response goes to the most-used phrase by fairy tale believer :P "Magic is everywhere" ^ ^ Princess in every girl, magic is every where :) This make perfect sense, doesn't it? :)

  4. akira: i'm trying not to sound sarcastic, but there really is quite a lot i'm trying to finish. =3

    rollakid: suppose to be quite shallow at this point. but still considered interesting i hope. :p

    barbie: too bad i can't tag you, princess, else you'll definitely be in the list. :p magic is definitely everywhere !! i believe all it takes, is for us to continue believing in it. ;)

  5. hehe... Akira very popular, always get kena tag....

  6. Wah.. Tag !! *nightmare* *LOL*

  7. Hehe, I will do that for next 2 weeks... I still got lotsa tags to do... Gosh...

  8. singapore: we are a bunch of tag addictive. XD

    ahlost: tags are fun !! :D

    akira: i want, i want !! any interesting ones to share ?? =3

  9. Heart Evangelista??? How did she get here? :P She's a Filipino singer. :P

    If what they were saying were true, then you might know Jericho Rosales. He's a Filipino actor famous in Malaysia.

    He dated Heart before. :P

  10. Yeah, the recent one, hehe... Maybe you can take it up and do it ya!!! It tells your habits, the one..

  11. 宝茹: oh gosh, i knew neither of them. i guess we could conclude that this tag was created n started in philippines. :p

    akira: ah the habit ones you just posted 2 days ago. let me check if i have anything to put in first. :p

  12. You must do it! Hehe.... I'm tagging you here...

  13. akira: oh my !! it's not even official !! XD alright, i'll jot it down then.