Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Award: I Love Your Blog

was awarded the lovely "I love your blog" award by -sharon-. to reassure her that the award won't end here, i'm gonna pass it to some of my favorite blogs.

-akira- the most enthusiastic commenter.
-alice- the mommy blogger.
-barbie- the princess who truthfully cares.
-cometh- a definitely-not-made-for-cat person, so he proved.
-deimos- the serious blogger.
-joshua- the artist who teaches, a cat lover.
-rollakid- the corolla supporter, another cat lover.
-sharon- the adorable blogger.
-雯- the blogger who speaks her mind.


  1. Wow, thanks for the award ya! Hehe...

    The most enthusiastic commenter, yeah, hehe, am I?

  2. OMG! What an extraoridnary day I've had so far! so now that I got nominated for this lovely blog, that would my day "spaRkle" hah ahh... Thk u so so much, princess! (^____^)I love this award loads, not only this :P anything I got from my princess, I would surely love them all *muack*

    Miss you, take care, princess!

    P.S. I know I am careless :( Sorry, princess! I spam again =(

  3. Now I feel neglected.

    Where is the love?

    What had happened to this world?

    Oh, cruel cruel world.

    Adieu~~ Adieu

  4. *holds levian's paw and goes "ありがとう~ありがとう~"*

    Love corollas and cats, they both go sideways.. :)

    Akira is indeed the most enthusiastic commenter I've ever seen on the net so far. I doubt there'll be a second.


    >.< *third attempt at posting this msg.. streamyx hates me.

  5. thx thx~~

    fast fast reply all my tag yo
    jia you lo

  6. And if I may add,

    At 160 comments when the second is just a mere 40+ is not called enthusiastic.

    That is called stalking. Period.

    Ho ho ho ho.... =p

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  8. akira: you're definitely the most enthusiastic one around here. ;)

    barbie: it's alright princess, i can help you to remove the "spam" as much as you want. it is the heart that counts. ;) you've definitely had a great day, with the award n presents you received from your sister. :D

    cometh: no! wait, come back! it just happens to slip my mind. my bad my bad. love is Here! n btw, stop causing misunderstanding! he is just a blog-stalker. :p

    rollakid: n not forgetting your pc as well. what's with the sudden surge of failure anyway. i'm very much afraid of that if it were to happen to me. *freaks* he is indeed, we can if we want to. me .. it happens only occasionally. :p

    : thanks for the tagsss in return! n hang in there, you'll definitely see it soon. ;)

    anandr: thanks for the link, i'll head over to check it out right now. :)

  9. Wulala, I love to being a blog-stalker! It is so fun, yeah!!!

  10. thank a lot friend..for the add.....have a nice day

  11. hi friend i have add your blog.. check your link here and add my link in urs .. thank you

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  12. Woh, I am actually just joking...

    Normally I don't do tag or award thing..


  13. akira: now you sounds like some old man stalking others. calm down. XD

    mother, rsa: thanks too. i'll head over again.

    cometh: no worries, to post it up in your blog or not is pretty much your choice. but love is Here! *trying to convince*

    sharon: oh yeah, n you! haven't been exchanging comments for quite a while.

    deimos: so you were just playing along when you said you love cats in previous posts eh.

  14. Haha, I dont want to be old... I'm still young, aye! Hehe...

  15. What previous posts? -_-;;;

    When did I declare that I love cats oh? -_-!!!

  16. meow!!!!=3


    I'm classical addict!hahaah

  17. Why does cometh seem not to belong? :P

    Mostly cat lovers!

  18. Depends on the blog post... I can't post a lot without spamming :/

    *starts to imagine akira like konata's dad, flu mask and all*

  19. akira: a young stalker? that makes you sounds dangerous. :p

    deimos: can't remember, but it should something that you said that set that image in my mind.

    oms: 嗯,呵呵。:)

    joshua: i can use the old title for you if you prefer that one better. the "title" kinda change along time if there is something new that i discover about you. :D

    宝茹: because i focused on cat lovers as titles. n he insisted just days before that he n cats definitely doesn't "fit". :p

    rollakid: you can spam all you want, i can do the clean up for you after that. as long as you are able to get the comment up, no worries. ;)

  20. Dangerous? Haha, just tell me how dangerous I am... I wanna know myself even more! XD

  21. oooooooo

    but i spend more time in classical music!!!=3

    anyway,I love your blog too.......especially the moto v3x

    but now rip..........wuwuwuwu................

  22. akira: literally. hehe. :)

    joshua: i'll keep that in mind n make sure i "titled" you more on classical music. n thanks for supporting me. ;)

  23. Gosh, just rated me as Evil and Dangerous's blogger! XD I will be honour then! XD

  24. akira: i thought you wanted to hide that identity, now you want to expose it? :p

  25. Sometimes I wanna be public, sometimes I wanna to hide... A mysterious guy, right? Hehe...

  26. akira: or maybe you're just being inconsistent! make up your mind. :p

  27. Nah, it depends on my mood actually! Hahaha... Being inconsistent is not my style...

  28. akira: but .. make sure you don't sounds like it too. :p

  29. When my mood is right, then I can do anything, just like the scary tag! Haha...

  30. akira: that tag is really .. quite rude especially with girls around. gosh.

  31. Haha, so I prefer to answer it in different manner...