Friday, November 14, 2008

Tag: 19 Questions

was tagged by -雯- to answer the following 19 questions to reveal my inner thoughts. it may not be deep, but definitely involved the "current" me.

(1) when is my birthday?
i'm a leo, go figure.

(2) what is your most favorite thing to do?
slack while enjoying an anime marathon.

(3) what kind of news do you read?
anything online mostly.

(4) have you committed any crime?
none that landed me in jail.

(5) is life meaningful? or meaningless?
meaningful, it is a once in a lifetime adventure!

(6) do you believe you can survive without money?
no, i'm a realistic person despite how much i believe in fairy tales.

(7) are you afraid of pain?
physical? yes.
inner/heart? no.

(8) what do you feel like doing right now?
watching anime instead of working.

(9) if there’s someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
confess? no.
approach? yes.

(10) list out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
honest, blunt, fun-lover.

(11) what is your 5 most passionate things at this moment?
anime, blog, chat, xp, linux.

(12) if you can be on TV, which show would you want to be in?
being among the animals on animal planet!

(13) if you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

(14) if you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick?
happy. longed to own it as pet.

(15) if you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?
lack of confidence. would definitely love to be less paranoid.

(16) will you ever kill yourself for studies?
no, it is just another phase to complete in life.

(17) what is the one thing you love about yourself?
Me as a whole. i'm unique for what i've gone through.

(18) one thing you bought which is still worth it?
my computer, still plays the biggest role in my life.

(19) if the person you love did not love you, would you still wait for him/her?
no, there is no point dragging each others' time n efforts.

tagging ..
akira, have you done it before?
rollakid, are you ready for another with your unfinished tags?


  1. Hehe, I done it before neh... Sorry ya! Hehe... Too much tag for me...

    Eh, go figure out your birthday? Hehe, I had it in my mind...

  2. oh..............

    tag lagi!!!!!!=)

  3. Nyaa~ another tag.

    No, I haven't did what you might be thinking, but this is the last =P

  4. Ah ha, nowadays cannot simply say commit crime lorrr. ISA very 'keng' in arresting people. Ha Ha, LOL

  5. akira: it's alright, i wasn't sure that's why i asked. :) hush .. keep the information to yourself. :p

    joshua: are you free to play? i can add you to the list. :D

    rollakid: so i'll still tag you eh. complete it already! procrastinating? :p

    pete: the heck with them. we'll have all the fun we can. :D

  6. Hahaha... this tag is going to be fast and easy, no worries... I haven't finish the hard one though. Either busy, or free but ideas not coming in.

    PC is fine now, I left it running in a state where it'll easily crash at home now, go home and I'll know.

  7. rollakid: "free but ideas not coming in" is a sign of procrastination! or not .. :p anyway, yeah, just use this tag whenever you want it. didn't really state i'm tagging you either. hoho.

  8. Okok, hehe, let's keep that private and confidential... Top Secret for your birthday date! Hehe...

  9. I'm good to go... just new hardware. New toy always need some time to tinker with =P

  10. akira: yup, only close ones will know. ;) or seriously, not many would care unless they really care about me. :p

    rollakid: sure thing. new hardware as in mobo?

  11. Dont say like that, actually got lotsa ppl really cares about you... =)

  12. akira: they will have to care with their actions as proof then. ;)

  13. Dont worry, when you need the care, actions will come over then...

  14. New Graphic card... was stress testing it most of the time. Get one to one exchange if got problem within one week :D

  15. akira: by then, it will be clearly shown. ;)

    rollakid: what does one to one exchange means?

  16. Hehe, cares will automatically come to you... This is what I believe...

  17. akira: yea, i get your point. my point is it has to be shown through actions. hehe.

  18. Yup, care without action is meaningless... For sure got this kind of ppl around us...

  19. akira: especially the sweet talkers. so typical.

  20. I prefer they shut up better than saying those words to me... Gosh~

  21. akira: agree. it is so disappointing when they revealed their true intention.

  22. Yup, like got some bloggers, who like to comment without read the post, I hate that...