Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tag: Perfect Lover

was tagged by -sharon- to come up with 8 different points of a perfect lover. i used to be typical, listing out probably the most obvious physical points, such as height n looks, but not any more.

  1. sincerity
    - no sweet talks or fake smiles please. usually causes a huge amount of lost trust when anything is discovered. it isn't even worth the risk.

  2. loyalty
    - essential for a trustful partner for life. to know that he won't betray or hurt you behind your back.

  3. connection
    - love as a starting point; inner connection setup a strong base. communication n straightforwardness is essential to build strong inner connection.

  4. support
    - emotional or physically. it's essential to be each others' support through good n bad times.
  5. reliability
    - its pointless getting a partner if unable to rely on each other especially during difficult times.

  6. trustworthy
    - the strength of the security felt. how high is the chance your partner is gonna replace you with another person ??

  7. honesty
    - when a lie starts, another continues, there will never be an end. straightforwardness could be distorted by one simple lie. decreasing trustworthiness.

  8. decency
    - the way one naturally presents themselves is useful enough to portray oneself. dressing n speech shows their respect for one another.
  9. am tagging: - akira n rollakid ..


  1. One can really tell you yearn for long lasting relationship from what you just write there. You seek "happiness" over many things.

    Going to be an interesting tag, looks straight forward, but not simple.

    Please look forward to my honest answers :D but I'm worried if I am able to fit all of them into 8 or not.

  2. Hoho, is me again! Surely I will do it! Hehe...

    I think it will be a hard tag for me, hmm, is ok, I'm willing to accept the challenge!!!

  3. 8 points for you: Sincerity, loyalty, connection, support, reliability, trustworthy, honesty and decency! Wow...

    I think all of the points are very important in every couple! =)

  4. Chemistry, Sensible, Caring, Loyal and helpful.
    That's all i ever ask for hehe

    Bonus will be: Confident and intelligent.


  5. akira, that's why I say 8 points might be very hard lol. I'm trying to squeeze in more into the 8 slots...

  6. This is hard... It's been 1 hour and I'm still on the 2nd point...

  7. All the 8 points listed here give the 2 ppl what it take to maintain a long lasting relationship :)

    Rollakid? I giggled to myself with you coming the 2nd? the 3rd times that after 1 hour, you were still on the 2nd point :P

    but yeah, agree, look straightforward yet not as simple as we thought this tag was :)

    Enjoys the tag, Akira and Rollakid :P Sounds like I'm a wicked evil hah hah...

  8. It's morning and I haven't finished it! Oops, I went to sleep.

    I'm going to just type a little everyday. This isn't something to be rushed, else it will look like you put effort into the first few points and the last few points looks like you do it for the sake of finishing it...

  9. rollakid: i definitely do. building a relationship is too much efforts to repetitively perform, it drains you before you realized.

    of course you won't need to rush it or anything. do take your time to merge related ones into 1 point. your explanation can be as long as you want it as well, i decide to do a short one just so its easy to understand. :p

    akira: so glad that you agree. some people do have different priorities compare to the rest. my points are what matters to me, n how i rate a relationship. ;)

    marcus: should have tagged you even if you didn't like tags. :p

    barbie: my list doesn't have to be the final "checklist" for everyone. from what i read, some do hold other aspects important, which is interesting as well. :D

  10. Same goes to Rolla, I'm stuck at 4th points... Hahaha... A bit hard to think a new word for me, hmm, maybe I will use your points and further elaborate... =p

  11. akira: sure thing, its totally up to your conveniences. if mine applied to yours then you can use it for yourself. ;)

  12. I'm typing a little everyday while trying to make short post in between XD.

    True, building a relationship from ground up that last is hard. It's not something I want to get in just for the fun, it's either a long term relationship (that last forever hopefully) or stay single for me.

  13. rollakid: exactly. unfortunately many didn't seemed to have that mindset. some just wanna "try" being in love, some just wanna be in it since they just "happened" to stumble against one. those "trying" attitudes is what gets me the most. personally, i think it is just as simple as "Do it or don't do it!". face it when things don't work out n stop being a wuss. who's the Man role in the relationship anyway, gee ..

  14. ows, perfect is not just a feeling but a choice.

  15. Haha, thanks for the words ya! Maybe I will come out with some other words too!

  16. mica: there is definitely a list. life isn't a fantasy, we need to build our own fantasy realistically if happiness were to b owned. ;)

    akira: sure thing, it is just an extra guide if you need them in the first place anyway.

  17. Well, as long as it has 8 points then its good right?

  18. rollakid: now it sounds like its for the sake of the 8s. :p it can be less than 8 if it suits you. as long as it is enough for you. ;)

  19. Hang in there, chyotto matte, just list out the words first, hehe... I will post it out next week, still in queue-ing...

  20. akira: no problem. like i always mentioned with tags, "take your time". there is no point rushing anything really.

  21. Haha, because I will only post a tag during a week! I guess you also will know when is the day, right?

  22. akira: i think it was usually on weekends. but you don't post it every week either, right ??

  23. It depends, hehe, but if nothing to post, then I will put up a tag! XD

  24. akira: or create your own tag. hehe. most of it is quite interesting. can't help enjoying it. ;)

  25. Yeah, for most of us will only do a new tag, hehe, and yeah, I'm going to create a new tag then! Second wave, hohoho!!!

  26. akira: some tags are repeatedly passed to us by different person. it was quite disappointing since i was expecting for a new one most of the time.

  27. Is ok then, let me think for it, and I will come out with one interesting tag later...

  28. akira: that would definitely be something to look forward to !! :D

  29. Yeah, give me sometime, and I shall produce something "hit someone's heart"!!! XD