Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Damai Beach

now may not be the most suitable season to head on down to the beach, but no rain is stopping me when a trip was offered. the veiled sun n the fierce wind charging our way, the gushing waves adding intensity to the picture.

with a gloomy heart, i set foot on the beach, taking in the coldness while still seeking warmth leaning against him. a trip worthwhile as i returned much relaxed. his efforts n patience soothed the crankiness within me.


Note: i'll be away for 2 days starting tomorrow.


  1. It has been a long time for me to go to beach... I missed it...

  2. Sometimes going to the beach in rainy weather is quite nice, don't need to have sunshine all the time! : )

  3. this photo must have edited... got look like screen from movie. awesome picture! ThumbUp ;]

  4. I'll wait till the sun is shining again, personal reasons, strange but I need some sea water germs + UV light.

  5. It's been centuries since I last went to the beach, and I miss the beach so bad now =,=

    hmm.... I wanna built my sand castle there again *nite dreaming* Over here, we need to have like at least 3 hours drive to get to the beach =,=

    BTW, like the overcast sky of yours taken at the beach, princess! <3 so nice, as always *hug* *notice* I wanna feel the warm of hugging you too :P Keke... you went there with ur prince? sure, the lil bird told me so :P

  6. akira: is the beach far fro your place? how long does it usually take to go there?

    oms: 我回来了!谢谢哦。:)

    foongpc: n sometimes the sun is too hot i would ended up sitting under the shed even though i'm so close to the sea. :p

    pui: thanks, though i can't really get if you're complimenting or being sarcastic.

    rollakid: germs? what are sea water germs?

    barbie: ah, ask the little bird to stop spilling my secrets! :p i'm no good with building castles or sort, so lack of creativity. hehe. i'm cold most of the time, probably the reason i love to lean against close ones whom body is warm. :D

  7. Hmm, normally it will take 30 minutes to go there... Quite a long journey for me... XD

  8. akira: 30 minutes is long? ours are more or less that time too. :D