Sunday, February 01, 2009

Car Stereo: Fusion CA-IP500

Fusion Car Stereo (CA-IP500)

instead of slotting CD into the car stereo, or connecting the stereo to an iPod using cable, try slot in the iPod directly! Fusion introduces the world-first iPod docking car stereo.


  1. Wow, that is so cool! Btw, I wanna get an iPhone too! XD

  2. akira: iphone for a teenager? that's huge! i just done setting up one for one of the bosses the other day, confusions! :p

    sharon: indeed. ;)

  3. iPhone is quite huge, yeah, but it comprises all the technologies inside... :P

  4. COOL!!!!!!
    bt i didnt have iPod yet!!!
    can sugest my bro to try it=)

    this mechine available in m'sia???

  5. akira: i don't mean the physical size itself, i mean the technologies n software inside is huge (also not in size). read beyond the words. :)

    joshua: i'm not sure, you can check if there is any Fusion branded stereo in town, then start searching from there. :)

  6. Supposely I'm going to own an iPhone this CNY, but my friend in USA forgot to bring it back... Ish...

  7. akira: forgot! that's a rather important thing to forget. will it have network problem if it's imported?