Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tag: Alphabets

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was tagged by -JL- for the alphabets tag. secrets revealed? you tell me.

  1. Attached or single?
    attached, to -piggy-.

  2. Best friend?
    a few. i may not be a pro in socializing, but it has always been quality over quantity for me.

  3. Cake or Pie?
    cake! can't lay eyes on it, else i'll be craving soon after.

  4. Day of choice?
    friday, with the anticipated saturday coming my way.

  5. Essential item?
    mobile phone, my survival sms-es!

  6. Favorite color?
    fiery red!

  7. Gummy bears or worms?
    gummy bears, chewing all the way!

  8. Hometown?
    kuching, the cat city.

  9. Favorite indulgence?
    anime. "the anime world is a real thing!".

  10. January or July?
    July, for this is the month my birthday falls on!

  11. Kids?
    i'm one myself!

  12. Life isn't complete without?
    happiness. everyday is a drag without happiness.

  13. Marriage date?
    somewhere in the future.

  14. Number of magazine subscriptions?
    used to be 2 - pc gamer n national geographic.

  15. Oranges or Apples?
    apples, i fear the sourness in oranges.

  16. Phobias?
    height, spare me the theme park's falling chair!

  17. Quote?
    "no regrets". do all that can be done being in a particular situation n hold no regrets after.

  18. Reasons to smile?
    any. smile (n laugh) all you can!

  19. Season of choice?
    rainy season!

  20. Tag five people.
    -akira-, -barbie-, -prim3-, -sharon-, -佩雯-

  21. Unknown fact about me?
    i can shutoff the real world whenever i wanna.

  22. Vegetable?
    anything as long as they are tasty.

  23. Worst habit?
    fiery temper, the pros n cons of straightforwardness.

  24. X Ray or Ultrasound?
    i've had an xray once, while visiting the orthodontist for teeth alignment.

  25. Your favorite foods?

  26. Zodiac sign?
    proud leo.


  1. My favorite indulgences are FOOD and ANIME too! XD

  2. looks like recently u have many tag..........wahahaha

  3. akira: i'm sure that's well known. :)

    joshua: from time to time. it's fun! :D

    佩雯: i thought i already did?

  4. Oohh pc gamer mag? You play a lot of pc games? :D

  5. jl: i used to. when i first started working n built my first pc. but now, years after, the specifications is too low for any recent games. :p

  6. Oh no, I'm getting fatter and fatter if my life continues to be like this... XD

  7. akira: i won't consider that a bad thing. guys shouldn't have to worry about weight as long as he is healthy. :)

  8. Oh you're a Sarawakian.. I'm a Sabahan ;-)

  9. how to shut off the real world? teach me! teach me! :-D

  10. monica: i always thought you're from wmsia! "shut off the world", let's see, just ignore the negativity that you don't have to pay attention to. sooner or later you'll gain the skill! but of course it doesn't mean being ignorant. :p

  11. No! Dont encourage me to eat more, :P... I wanna lose weight! XD

  12. haha Levian! what makes you think I'm from wm'sia? and you're not the first blogger who told me this :-D

  13. oh okay, I got what you meant! ;-)

  14. akira: why is that? did she complaint? :p

    monica: i'm not sure the reason, but its the first impression you gave me. :p

  15. Nope, I wanna look nicer in the Forum! XD

  16. Nope, I wanna look nicer in the Forum! XD

  17. akira: with that coat on, i'm sure you'll look good enough. :p

  18. OOo i've been tagged? will do it soon.. very fun!!