Friday, February 20, 2009

yuki (ゆき、雪)..

Yuki (SE k550i)

often praised for having snow-white furs, shower is essential for my proud punk. half of the time he was awake, you'll find him licking himself all over just to look (or feel) good. there, enjoying himself so much i was ignored, again.


  1. If not mistaken, this is the first time I see Yuki is licking! XD

  2. "often praised" eh.. that over***** f**b***!! :P

  3. akira: it is? i've got plenty of licking poses, will have them queued for future posts. :D

    prim3: overgrown furball eh! yes, i remembered very clearly what you named my punk. i'll take it as a compliment still. :p

    jolene: thanks! :)

    renaye: thanks! you want my punk? that's kinda difficult. :p

    life ramblings: thanks! :)

  4. Yup, just show us some funny poses ya! XD

  5. 宝茹: a sign of a healthy (n happy) cat! :p

    renaye: i'll accept your challenge. XD

    akira: sure! n also the preys series. :p

  6. Hunter series I suppose... Not just the prey right? XD

  7. akira: oh yeah, i'm focusing on the hunter, not the prey after all. :p