Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Doll (Picture)

suddenly i was lifted off the ground, the world flung into a vacuum so silent. straight above me, the sky dimmed instantly, clouds gathered n adding weight mercilessly to the air. as sudden as i was out, i was snapped back in in the same manner. the tight grip released abruptly from my neck, making me so uncomfortably exposed. gazing up just in time to see his fangs retracting, my blood dripping off its edge. he licked it with the tip of his tongue. peering straight into his deep dark eyes, i lost my breath n collapsed onto him.


  1. This feeling is definitely RED! XD

  2. sounds like you're having fun playing with words again.

  3. Those eyes... those eyes... they look intense and magnetic.

  4. So big those eyes! Hypnotizing! haha! At least this time, I can understand your play of words better and quite enjoy it! : )

  5. AKIRA: thanks! i can't really think of a color since i can't make the sky feels red. :)

    LIFE RAMBLINGS: i am indeed having fun, enjoyed it so much when ideas flow right through me! :D

    FOONG: thanks! am so very glad you enjoyed it this time, i was trying to be more direct with words compared to the last attempt. :)

  6. WOW! Those eyes say it all! What intensity in them. I think that photo went well with this entry. I like the play of words, and I'll have to check the previous entry out. It was descriptive for a short piece, so you did very well with that. I didn't know until reading this you admired vampires.

    Nice post!

    I did tag you again, and you post it whenever you want my friend:

    Take care always!

  7. DAVID: thanks for the sweet award! :D am so glad you liked the doll picture together with the writing attempt! if you're interested, you can check this passage out, which i write particularly for of my admiration of them: vampires. :)

    MONICA: i do! here is a dedicated post for them: vampires. :p

  8. You know what, I find those vamps in the movies quite appealing. Hehe must be the actors! The swift moves and fierce eyes really attracts me.

    The doll suits your play of words!

  9. AYIE: thanks! agreed, it must be the actors n makeups. :p the real thing is much more than what meets the eyes. but of course there are also the downside n the upside of them. it gets pretty interesting when you're into it! :D