Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Clock (Photograph)

lurking in the dark gloomy corner, it tugged me hard by the ankle, the one-eye gigantic monster that jumped at every slight sting of insecurity. as strong-willed as i thought i was, confidence went down the slope just as i glided down its slimy throat whilst grabbing at thin air. losing will fast, engulfed in the risen soreness hidden within.



  1. What are you doing in the middle of the night? I saw a kitty handphone sling at there! XD

  2. :) You okay or just your thoughts pouring out?

  3. WOAH!!!
    :P gimme ur facebook add.. i add u

  4. 宝茹: thanks! hope you liked it. :)

    akira: it was in the afternoon! you gave a scary thought there. :p

    sharon: lot of things are going through my mind at that moment, it still is. i need it out, badly!

    jolene: my facebook address is just at the side of my page. :)

    cashmere: nice indeed, thanks! :p

  5. wats in ur mind?

    back to ur comment on the bubba gump: yeah...there are lots of others variety...can go and try

    u can follow me in google is u like be my friend and my blog

  6. Oh, that was in afternoon? Haha, normal thought for me was in midnite... Midnite will be a scary moment ya...

  7. vialentino: losing confident thus leading to insecurity. i'm even having tons of bad dreams because of it.

    akira: you've watched too many movies. why would i be in the car 4 in the morning. :p

  8. Scary movie, hehe, too much movies in the middle of the night!

  9. akira: now you know you watched way too many movies in the middle of the night n not sleeping. :p