Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tag: Right Now

was tagged by -david- to complete the "Right Now" tag. the basic premise is to answer all the questions based on Now. an interesting tag! i completed it using my free time in office, however, the post will be scheduled to post during night time.

  1. where is your cellphone?
    right beside my mouse, on the desk.

  2. your hair?
    long n tied up.

  3. your father?
    at home.

  4. your favorite thing?
  5. your dream last night?
    was in somewhere dark.

  6. your favorite drink?
    anything hot for now.

  7. your dream goal?
    to "live happily ever after".

  8. the room you are in?
    the office.

  9. your fear?
    losing happiness.

  10. where do you want to be in 6 years?
    happily settled down.

  11. muffins?

  12. one of your wish list items?
    owning a car.

  13. where you grew up?
    kuching - the cat city.

  14. the last thing you did?
    troubleshooting the kvm connection in the office upstairs.

  15. what are you wearing?
    office wear.

  16. your TV?
    i do not own one.

  17. your pet?
    Yuki - my punk cat.

  18. your computer?
    acer desktop.

  19. your life?
    keeping it interesting.

  20. your mood?

  21. missing someone?
    my piggy.

  22. your car?
    i do not own one.

  23. favorite mall?
    no preference.

  24. your summer?
    last for a whole year!

  25. your favorite color?
    bloody red.

  26. when was the last time you laughed?
    just now, conversations with colleagues.

  27. when was the last time you cried?
    weeks ago, out of Insecurity, which still remains to haunt me.

  28. last person who emailed you?
    blogger notification for comments.

  29. your favorite food?
    something fried.

  30. a place you would rather be right now?
    out for lunch.

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