Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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on the 20th march, which is also the "World Sleep Day" according to -tekkaus-, i was tagged to complete the Sleep related tag. truly the very first time i was asked questions such as these, making them rather interesting to put into words!

  1. how do you sleep at night? do you drop off easily or does it take a while to get to sleep?
    it depends completely on my emotions - if i feel good, i could drop off any minute; if i am anxious, i could be tossing n turning whole night, which often leads to nightmare or hangover the day after.

  2. what strategies, if needed, do you use to get to sleep?
    watching lots n lots of anime until my eyes can no longer stay open; books too, work like charms at times.

  3. what strategies do you have to get back to sleep?
    lay back down n let the darkness regain its control. as long as i wasn't awaken in shock, i should be able to go back to sleep easily.

  4. are your dreams affected? are they anxious and wake you up in a sweat? or are they peaceful and undisturbed?
    it depends on my emotions as well - the dreams are either soothing n enjoying; or i will be running or battling.

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