Sunday, June 14, 2009


Sky (Photograph)

with water flowing down my head, i tried to remember what was the reason a girl like me had to get an extra ear piercing. mind set off traversed back in time, sounds of the water hypnotically trailed off ..

it had been a very bad year. it was January the 2nd, but what year was it? she stood among the crowd, uncertain yet determined to break the curse. she wasn't wild, yet desperate to do something she won't usually do. Tattoo versus piercing, which one to get? deciding tattoo was too huge to consider within 5 minutes, she settled with a mere piercing. the pain was excruciating, but the satisfaction remained till this very day. it was one thing she decided for her own self, having no regrets of its suffering nor decision. proud to not have retracted in fear, her mind was set to face the coming year courageously.


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