Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tag: Seven

Doll (Picture)

was tagged by -akira- n -sharon- eons ago, to list out "7 facts" of mine. similar to the 8 Facts tag i had completed years ago. time to start thinking, n check if any of these interest changes over time.

7 facts:
  1. my all-time addictions are anime (or movies) n books.
  2. i am a Vampire fan. personally, they are extremely elegant n classy.
  3. thanks to my Mentor, i had become much conscious with one's psychological growth.
  4. i am very much into new adventures n explorations, it often excites me discovering something new.
  5. owning a fiery temper, i rarely sway from my principles unless convinced logically or reasonably.
  6. i often demand attention, else feeling left out. i would rather feel angry (mostly caused by caring too much about someone) than to experience the sadness of lonesomeness - my least favorable emotion.
  7. i tend to stare without realization, watching others' movements n reactions.

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