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Zodiacs: Personalities

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ARIES (3/21-4/19) generally have a strong independent personality - they are aggressive, competitive, original, adventurous, argumentative (sometimes just to enjoy the debate). aries love to do "physical" things and be active, even sometimes taking dangerous risks just to win. an aries say what's on their mind, n confront anyone who doesn't treat them with respect. aries are fun and playful, they enjoy being the center of attention n the life of the party. they tend to get bored easily. they are forward, to the point, out spoken, n have a deep desire to be in charge. aries are natural leaders and may challenge authority figures. they tend to be too rashly; but ultimately it is because they are ready to jump at everything they encounter.
negative side: aries can be quick tempered, demanding n too forceful to get their way. a truly negative aries can be physically violent.

TAURUS (4/20-5/20) are known for their dependability, comfortable attitudes, n endurance. they are attracted to beautiful things n the finer things in life, especially concerning their possessions (material or people). they are very generous, practical, n artistical. a taurus have the most patient personality of all zodiac signs because they are very well grounded in reality. they like to take their time while making decisions. they always give practical advice n tend to keep situations straight to the point. a taurus is the strong silent type n often misunderstood as non-communicative. they are very patient, strong, creative, sincere, loyal, n old fashioned.
negative side: taurus can be so slow moving, lazy, n dull. they can also be ruthless, jealous, brutish, greedy, n sometimes blind to reasoning or logic.

GEMINI (5/21-6/20) is born with the gift of charm and salesmanship, they can sell themselves as well as anything else very well. what they speak can get them into trouble but they also have the ability to talk their way out. gemini loves to communicate with everyone they meet. they are very curious; they seek to learn everything they can very quickly, just so they can tell everyone else about it. a gemini can think fast, speak fast, n is capable of convincing you that they know more about a subject then they really do. they are lively, witty, spontaneous, trendy, and charming
negative side: gemini can have extremely different sides to them, hence the Twins concept. they can also be intolerant, superficial, moody, n unpredictable.

CANCER (6/21-7/22) tend to be sensitive, emotional, n very protective of those qualities. a cancer is a very strong person who will make their choices in life based upon how they "Feel". they often became prisoners of their overly-emotions. they are genuine doers combining their strong wills n determination. cancers are fiercely loyal n have a difficult time letting go of happy n sad times. they are also avid collectors. a cancer always seeks security, love, affection, n comfort. when they find it, they can be overly protective of it. cancer sometimes has a need to be alone with their thoughts; though home, family, n marriage are very important to them. a cancer must feel secure in life in order to thrive or to reach out to others.
negative side: cancers can be so overly emotional that they can assume everyone is out to hurt them. or they may take someone’s words extremely personally. they may brood, hold onto to past hurts with a grudge, n even be sneaky.

LEO (7/23–8/22) are larger than life because they attract others easily. they are strong, generous, passionate, n hard workers. a leo has a zest for life, ambition, n have a very sharp wit. leos are natural leaders, they want to do it all their own way without help, just to prove to themselves that they can. they are cheerful, fun, pleasant, n stand out among a crowd that gives them plenty of attention. they have powerful personalities n call attentions. a leo needs to be noticed for their abilities, if you do then you will for sure have a great friend. but hurt their pride n ego, they will stomp off pouting. leos are good at heart, creative, fun loving, n have a fierce ambition to succeed in anything they do. they usually do because they are driven to be noticed.
negative side: a leo’s ego n pride can be a great personal struggle as well as a constant problem for those that surround them. sometimes a leo can think too highly of themselves that they stop seeing reality. they can also be bullies n decide that your opinion does not count.

VIRGO (8/23–9/22) are deep intellectual thinkers that enjoy analyzing their surroundings. virgo tend to notice the smaller details, n that can be both rewarding or make them dwell on something for an over extended time. they have a generous pleasant nature n their skills at communication are advanced. they are sharply intelligent, follow rules, believe things have an order in life, n are very idealistic. often workaholics, they can be so useful thus making themselves vulnerable to being used. a virgo likes to have control on their environment n they are practical to a fault. a virgo seeks the cold hard facts, n they have been known to be critical of views or opinions. virgos are born worriers, thus fussy. but the virgo heart is always in the right place.
negative side: virgos can become so detail oriented that they over organize everything in their path, including people. they can display obsessive compulsive attributes. these issues wear down the people around them.

LIBRA (9/23–10/22) love beauty, creativity, n balance. they are wonderful writers n communicators because their wit n charm shine through their words. libras are analytical thinkers that weigh both sides to every issue. a libra is friendly, lovable, social, sensual, charming, intellectual, n dramatic. they are born to flirt, which in most cases is just harmless fun. they look for the positives in life, because it is prettier than a negative. a libra tends to try n please everyone needing to always feel accepted n understood.
negative side: libras can become indecisive, or literally avoid a choice until things are thrown into a whirlwind. their desire to be “liked” can cause them to do things behind others' back. Because of their charm, flirtation, n sensuality it can be very easy to act out issues with love, relationships, or even sexual ones.

SCORPIO (10/23–11/21) are magnetic, powerful, forceful, emotional, sexual, n psychic. they are incredibly passionate, persistent, n intense. they are often trying to find the right path for themselves which can be ever changing. being naturally intuitive a scorpio is able to easily see through lies or secrets. they doesn’t usually like you to know everything about them; they are cautious, meticulous, deliberate, n deeply emotional. a Scorpio is often overly obsessive. they rely great upon instinct, n their own natural intuition to make choices. they are committed, subtle, loyal, n very persistent.
negative side: scorpios are prone to revenge seeking, obsessive behavior, holding grudges, n power addictions. tangle with the wrong scorpio will lead to violence.

SAGITTARIUS (11/22–12/21) like to do things in a big way, do it quickly n make it fun. they are very open minded n anxious to learn about others, often seek greater meaning in life. they seek wide open spaces, freedom, adventure, n movement. change is very important to them, and if it doesn’t happen naturally then they will cause it to happen. sagittarians speak with their own brand of honesty which often lead to contradictions. they speak first n think later, which often gets them into unpleasant situations. they are honorable, honest, trustworthy, truthful, generous, jovial, sincere, n passion for justice. the love a good joke, as long as it makes someone laugh.
negative side: a sagittarian can be so impulsive n careless that they can never keep their promises or good intentions to others. their exaggeration can be so advanced that they may even believe it themselves, n caused rage when proven wrong.

CAPRICORN (12/22–1/19) may have a slow climb to success, but will eventually reach their goals through hard steady work. they are not only ambitious, but practical as well. a capricorn is ambitious, a thinker, careful, chatty, n yet reserved. they can appear as shy, n lack confidence because they can be very critical of themselves. they are great planners, always organized, n have a natural flare for business. they are also very old fashioned at heart, but very fair individuals with a great desire to have their hard work recognized.
negative side: a capricorn is often quick to seize an advantage, n may not always do it openly. they are often self centered, pessimistic, n selfish because they will be unbending to another point of view.

AQUARIUS (1/20–2/18) are very independent, honest, rebellious, original, n inventive. they are deep analytical thinkers that they enjoy sharing with others. they enjoy a good debate, n love to prove how open minded they are. always highly intelligent n logical, an aquarian is also very serious minded. their sense of humor is often dry or unusual. aquarians can be loners, sometimes withdrawing themselves from the world while their sensitive side seeks true companionship. aquarians are unique by nature and they like themselves that way.
negative side: an aquarian extreme needs for perfection in relationships caused them to have trouble with commitments. they have a hard time understanding that others may have a different point of view. they can be unpredictably moody n extremely cold forcing too much dry logic into others.

PISCES (2/19–3/20) are born with the gift of prophecy n spiritual. they are known for compassion, sensitivity, patience, romance, imagination, n natural intuition. a pisces is very imaginative n loves to be alone with their thoughts or fantasy. a pisces can be literally inspiring to others n will even sacrifice their own desires to support a loved one. being emotionally sensitive, it is easy at times for a Pisces to seek escape through over indulgence. a Pisces can be so compassionate that they become more concerned about someone else’s problems rather than their own.
negative side: pisces want love to be fictionalized n often strive for something that really only exists in their fantasy. sometimes they are so deeply involved in their own fantasy that they lie to others completely believing themselves.

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