Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Personality Test: Relationship

Doll (Picture)

your lover brought you a gift. it is a box filled with tableware, which set of tableware do you think it is?
A. Coffee cups n plates set
B. Beer mugs n plates set
C. Bowls n wooden tray set
D. Plates set

Cups/Bowls represent the Guy; plates represent the Girl. thus their combination reflects a couple's closeness.

A. Coffee cups n plates set - your relationship is in a very good term. both of you understand each other completely. body language alone is enough to know each others' needs. if the coffee cups are white, it means that the both of you do not have secrets from each other.

B. Beer mugs n plates set - both of you lack of communication. sometimes totally unable to understand what each other has in mind. tends to quarrel over different opinions. the thought of breaking up crossed your mind. if someone better appear, you might leave.

C. Bowls n wooden tray set - you longed to be closer with each other, hoping to hang together every day. but if spending too much time on this, others might get neglected. spending time together does not represent better understanding. communication is still essential.

D. Plates set - if you are a girl, you longed to be loved. if you are a guy, you might already have a new target in sight. if the relationship can no longer continue, it is better to voice out than to forcefully be together.

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