Sunday, August 16, 2009

Personality Test: Animals

  1. as the bus slowly approached the station, you saw that it was already full. another bus will arrive in 15 minutes, what will you do?
    a) get on - Q2
    b) wait for the next bus - Q4

  2. you are having a headache during an overseas trip, someone was kind enough to give you some medicines, what will you do?
    a) said thanks n eat it - Q6
    b) reject politely - Q3

  3. you watched a very touching movie, what will you do?
    a) introduce the movie to others - Q12
    b) keep quiet, it is just another movie - Q7

  4. a red van selling breads stopped at the side of the pond, who do you think is in the van?
    a) a couple or family - Q3
    b) robbers - Q5

  5. a picture portraying a Heart in the middle, what makes you think of?
    a) love - Q12
    b) poker card - Q8

  6. your best friend mentioned about attending a gather, what will you do?
    a) request to join him/her - Q9
    b) wait quietly for her to invite you along - Q10

  7. after dinner, he paid for the expensive meal, what do you feel?
    a) feels guilty, suggest to split the bill - Q10
    b) feels happy, said thanks with no intention to pay - Q12

  8. while attending a gathering, you noticed your best friend was nowhere in sight, what will you do?
    a) plan to leave earlier - Q13
    b) force yourself to stay until the very end - Q12

  9. when do you wish to get married?
    a) 21-25 - Q11
    b) 26-30 - Q10

  10. both your phones rang simultaneously, what will you do?
    a) answer one of them - Q15
    b) answer both at the same time - Q16

  11. you received the grand prize of a villa from the lottery, where do you wish it is located?
    a) by the sea/pond - Q14
    b) on an island - Q15

  12. within the crowded bus, a beautiful young lady's feet got stepped on. what do you think her reaction is?
    a) angry n blame it on the other party - Q17
    b) cried in pain - Q16

  13. someone you are not close with invited you for dinner, what do you think the reason is?
    a) he/she won a lottery - Q21
    b) he/she has a favor to request - Q17

  14. a friend gave you a something you dislike as a present, what will you do?
    a) said thank you dully- Q18
    b) pretend to like it - Q19

  15. mega sale is on, what will you do?
    a) shopping craze! - Q18
    b) might not buy anything at all - Q19

  16. have you ever gave out something that you received as a gift?
    a) yes - Q19
    b) no - Q20

  17. a women dressed in a very sexy outfit was waiting for a taxi, where do you think she is going?
    a) a date with her boyfriend - Q16
    b) to the nightclub - Q21

  18. someone slapped you hard on the shoulder, do you think it is a he or she?
    a) he - Q22
    b) she - Q23

  19. do you prefer icy red tea or pearl milk tea?
    a) icy red tea - Q20
    b) pearl milk tea - Q18

  20. you are in the taxi together with your best friend, will you pay for him/her?
    a) yes - Q24
    b) no - Q21

  21. meeting an opposite sex that caught your attention, have you thought of approaching him/her?
    a) yes - Q25
    b) no - Q23

  22. a couple was flirting opening on the street, what kind of relationship do you think they are in?
    a) lovers - A
    b) friends - B

  23. during your childhood, do you more often pretend to be the adult or the children?
    a) adult - E
    b) children - C

  24. which do you prefer in the playground?
    a) ferris wheel - F
    b) seesaw - D

  25. you have so much to talk about with friends?
    a) yes - G
    b) sometimes - proceed to 24

A. Deer - cautious n approachable
although they looked reserved, deers are often very cautious. they are perfectionist, with high self-esteem. they look down on cowardly acts, dislike revealing their weaknesses. they may looked cold n detached, but are actually honest n sincere. they might be hysterical if emotionally challenged.

B. Turtle - adaptable n considerate
their adaptability are high, very down to earth. they are gentle n easily hurt. they are often reluctant to reveal their problems. being passive n shy, they rarely conflicted with others, dislike showing off. easily influenced, thoughtful.

C. Scottish Fold (Folded-ear Cat) - stylist n confident
they are stylish n love to showoff. they are always in the spotlight. they knew how to dress up, showing only their strength. they create their own style, n do not follow the trend blindly. they are social experts.

D. Shepard - loyal n focus
they would do everything they can to complete their job. they are the rules followers n keep their promises. they are polite, have a lot of friends. they dislike showing off, focus on getting the job done, they often love their job a lot.

E. Rhinopithecus - intellectual n strong willed
they are very wise beings, rational n talented. self-confident, they are humble even when accomplish an achievement. they love to be complimented, but often pretend these compliments did not matter. they are willing to spent a huge amount of time n energy in something they like.

F. Giraffe - elegant n patience
they are thinkers, often calm n intellectual, they enjoy analyzing problems. mature n trustworthy, they often hide no surprises. love by many, they are able to handle many situations calmly. being too conservative might caused them to miss a good chance of promotion at work.

G. Elephant - free n controlling
they love to be free. they are joyful, eye-catching, n open-minded. some might be disturb with their openness. they seldom hesitate, facing big or small problems, they usually rush forward n eager to solve or complete them. their fighting spirits are often roaring.

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