Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Personality Test: Genie

Doll (Picture)

you dream of a genie, what do you think is the first thing the genie said to you?
A. i come to give you a large sum of money
B. i am the genie
C. i will grant you 3 wishes
D. work harder!

how good are you with love?

A. i come to give you a large sum of money - 50%
you are too dependent on your partner, giving your partner a lot of stress n headache. everything has to be planned n decided by them. they usually have a lot of patience.

B. i am the genie - 20%
you are a newbie in love, you need reminder in a lot of situations. it is fun being your partner, n guiding you. however it will be trouble if the partner isn't serious with you, leading you in all the wrong direction.

C. i will grant you 3 wishes - 70%
you are an almost perfect lover, but remember to treat your partner sincerely n patiently. you may feel like waving them off from time to time, but do let them know what you are thinking, just so they won't end up being sad n alone.

D. work harder! - 90%
you are a perfect lover. you need small amount of reminder from your partner to know how to proceed. do not make use of your partner for your own benefit, remember to consider theirs as well!

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