Sunday, April 18, 2010

Personality Test: Food

Doll (picture)

which of the below do you most prefer?
A. pork
B. beef
C. mutton
D. chicken
E. fish
F. prawn
G. oyster
H. egg
I. crab

what are your personalities?

A. pork
personality: dislike being forced. prefer stable life, might escape from responsibilities if forced. kind, honest, dislike being around rude n reckless people. willing to tolerate, easily content.
love: more passive than initiative, lack of courage to pursuit love, thus partner are usually among close friends. reliable, kind-hearted, willing to accept the good n bad of the partner.
marriage: pay great attention to family, need a partner who share the same ideal life. cannot be nagged or criticized. work hard to maintain the harmony among family members for a happy life.
career: accept challenge at work, especially if happy in love/marriage, work will be smooth as well. not suitable for routine-career.

B. beef
personalities: self-centered, not easy to accept others. most of the time a leader, prefer small groups over big ones. materialized, able to create miracles n become successful.
love: independent, confident, thus slightly difficult to find an ideal partner. loyal n perfect when found. high adaptability, thus being alone is not a challenge.
marriage: more spiritual than physical. must be connected mentally n emotionally with the partner. good communication skill, slight temper problem.
career: professional, homey, family will backup the career. business with partner will have a high rate of success.

C. mutton
personalities: sentimental, multiple personalities. stubborn, kind, respectful, good social skill. timid, thus chances slip by. require patience n attention from others to be successful.
love: caring, need attention. like being around sentimental n loyal people. able to tolerate the partner, thus often controlled n dominated.
marriage: prefer love over marriage. unable to enjoy marriage life, thus might avoid marriage. need a partner who plan everything to make a marriage successful.
career: suitable for career that involve human interaction, such as nursing or waitressing. with the help of an efficient leader, can be successful.

D. chicken
personalities: need attention to have a good performance. sweet, center of attention, good speaking skill, have great ability. focus on health, lifestyle, skills.
love: loves to perform, easily bored. pay attention on the partner's appearances n skills. controlling towards the partner's behavior, thus causes conflicts. like to be free n not bothered. the longer the period of a relationship, less control is enforced, thus a stable relationship.
marriage: dislike family life to be intruded. often not satisfied in marriage, feeling empty, not understood, not appreciated. but will not walk out of a family.
career: loves to perform, achieve success when career is stable. unable to handle sudden incidents, thus not suitable for challenging/creativity related career. high adaptation, able to improve oneself in a stable career.

E. fish
personalities: cheerful, passionate, confident, have many friends. loves to be around educated people. high standard in lifestyle n friends chosen.
love: pay little attention in love. difficulties in finding an ideal partner. focus more on career than love. need a partner that has great lifestyle n high education background, appearances is unimportant.
marriage: pay attention on giving birth to the new generation, n children's education. neglect partner's needs. sense of accomplishment is high when having many well-mannered children. the partner must be responsible n homey.
career: great leader, good communicator. work hard for a harmony environment between colleagues. partner will help most in achieving success.

F. prawn
personalities: sentimental, gentle, caring, best friend of many. enjoy both love n physical intimacy. easily affected by emotions n relationships.
love: considerate, dependent, spiritual. need a stable partner, to support both emotional n physically. might troubled the partner with unreasonable requests.
marriage: enjoys marriage, especially when pampered. focus on physical intimacy. anxious when unexpected circumstances arise. gives children freedom n respect.
career: needs harmony, appreciation. suitable for career without restriction. focus more on love than work. will only work for money, thus more focus after marriage.

G. oyster
personalities: great ability, not a performer, materialistic, high quality lifestyle, lie for convenience, trouble in communicating.
love: focus, thus request too much from the partner. easily frustrated, thus give up. need a partner with high adaptability to take care of the relationship.
marriage: need an attractive partner to connect physically. need a stable marriage to reduce frustration. feeling distant, often wonder if this is the one.
career: when love/marriage is stable, career will be the focus, together with children's education. suitable for a career that is familiar with.

H. egg
personalities: stubborn, mischievous, love children, keen to learn, lack of tolerance, materialistic, enjoy life to its fullest. pay little attention to etiquette, thus easily conflicted with others.
love: stubborn, subjective, overspend, unable to comprehend the power of love, thus most friends are from the same gender.
marriage: respect the partner after marriage, work hard to maintain the harmony between family members. often neglect the importance of love. suitable for partner that focus more on career instead of love.
career: work hard to be successful. like to be in charge especially financially. suitable for stable career. stubbornness might cause failure though.

I. crab
personalities: friendly, kind, unfussy, lack of ambition, bad at criticizing, easily get along with everyone. enjoy comfortable life with family n friends.
love: not keen with love, thus difficult to fall in love. but when in love, will be good at tolerating the partner. loyal, accept the partner's weaknesses. lack of passion, thus love might be dull.
marriage: responsible, good with tolerating, a good partner in marriage. take care of family's needs. lack of passion, draw the distance between family members, not straightforward about emotions.
career: responsible, hardworking. with improved interpersonal relationship, will be successful. suitable for managing position.

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