Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adam Lambert: For Your Entertainment (2009)

Adam Lambert: For Your Entertainment

a gay, a showoff, a sexual symbol, a theatrical performer instead of singer, many more labels were thrown at him mercilessly; but behind all those flashy costumes n makeups, he seriously got a wicked Voice!

not being a huge american idol fan, i only caught season 1 (2002), where kelly clarkson caught my attention with her strong voice. not until i caught the finale of season 8 (2009) that i started to believe that there will be more surprises coming from this routinized competition. paula called him the next icon, below is a video for sharing:

- artist: Adam Mitchel Lambert
- born: January 29, 1982
- origin: San Diego, California
- album: For Your Entertainment
- released: 2009

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