Sunday, May 16, 2010

Video Downloading

Cat (photograph)

want to download video from youtube/facebook the easy way (without add-ons)? read on.

  1. don't close the browser after finished watching/loading the video in Firefox.

  2. go to C: \ Documents and Settings \ user \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ aelgg58.default \ Cache

    note: the folder in Bold could vary from one computer to another, try them one by one.

  3. inside the Cache folder, right click to "Arrange Icons by Size", scroll to the bottom of the page. the larger the file type, the higher the chance of it being a video. add a file extension ".flv" to any chosen file.

  4. (download n) use the FLV player to play the file.

there you have it! convert the file with any media converter to a more familiar file type (mp4, mpg) if you want. still unsure how to do it? here is a more detailed video of it in Youtube.

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