Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas (SE f100i)

the very moment her dream shattered, she collapsed. losing control, havoc arose only too soon. suffocating, it pained her to leave without a glance behind, desperately needed a breather. returned, it broke her further by looking at his back, hunched ever so slightly in the dark. giving in, she hugged him reflectively, allowing her heart to take the lead. his slightly trembling shoulder quivered against her chest bone, choking her from within. she realized now, it hurts her more to hurt him, more than all the pain others inflicted upon her through him. this is love, n she loves him.



  1. Hi Levian! It has been awhile since visiting, and I love the layout here!

    Merry Christmas to you sweetheart!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family Levian!

  3. lovey dovey on Christmas. :D

  4. david:
    thanks! am so glad for your stopping by, it sure has been quite a while. a belated merry christmas to you. n happy new year!

    a belated merry christmas to you too, ayie!

    it took more pain to realize that love is always around if we look hard enough. after all the pain, there are only happiness left!