Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Library of Shadows / Libri di Luca (2007)

The Library of Shadows

its plot took place in a world where books were charged with magic n people were Lectors divided into 2 classes - Receivers n Transmitters. Receivers were able to invade n distort the mind of a reader; while Transmitters were able to influence its listener. when murders started to occur in the society, young Jon Campelli, a successful lawyer, were involved when the first victim was his father. he finds himself exposed to family secrets n new powers, leading a group of book-lovers to defend their life n sanctuary from those we aimed to destroy it.

originally in Danish (Libri di Luca), "The Library of Shadows" was a rather successful literal thriller. fast-paced, n with suspense divided evenly throughout the story, it was one of the very few books that manage to held my full attention all the way towards its end. its most impressive idea was the Lector concept; which at some point really seemed like they can be found somewhere in the real world!

author: Mikkel Birkegaard
published: 2007
genre: Crime


  1. The sort of book that would keep me entertained I think

  2. oh no thriller for me, not my cup of tea

  3. dempsey:
    i bet it will if you love reading!

    ah, too bad. it's alright, there are plenty more to choose from.

  4. EXCELLENT book reviews!

    You write very well!

    I LOVE thrillers, so I'll look for these in the bookstore! Perfect for sometime in January, when I have time off from work.

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. ron:
    thanks! this is actually the first book that make me feel like writing a review, promoting it. it satisfied me very much finishing it, getting its unexpected visual inside my head. definitely one great journey!