Thursday, December 09, 2010


Books (SE f100i)

out of the blue, when a chance presented itself in front of them, she jumped at it, knowing it was only logical to do so; knowing it is just what they needed, what she waited. he, on the other hand, held his doubt, unsure what is the rush, stubbornly begged to seek for his pride n balance. urging him on, she knew it was unfair, but finding no other way around it. withholding her pain, she prayed hard, hoping if she wants it bad enough, He would grant her the wish; if she wants it bad enough, He would then give him the strength to move forward with a decision that safeguard them both.



  1. wow, such a variety of different novels.

  2. life:
    there really were a huge variety to choose from. making it an absolute haven for readers!