Friday, December 17, 2010


Beach (SE f100i)

while their eyes continued to linger upon each other, their action spoke a different language. sitting on the shore, he longed for his attention, yet he provoked further by showing that he was having much more fun with the others. his laughter echoed through the pool, shrieking n splashing excitedly only to see him disappearing around the corner in vain. as if a button has been switched off, he was instantly hushed, staring blankly into space. with a relationship as queer as theirs, it was far from simplicity, nor was there just two to consider.



  1. Huh? I don't understand. LOL :D

  2. a lover aquaintence between to men, one of whom is married?

    Lovely photo, like this post

  3. tekkaus:
    it's fine. it might be too complicated for some.

    none was married. but the inconsistencies between what was spoken n shown through action makes one doubt which of these are actually true.