Monday, February 21, 2011


Cat (SE f100i)

when we saw it, it was laying under the rusty rack, taking a nap. slowly we approached it, afraid of intimidating it n frightening it away. but again, it was far from being afraid of human, the cat allowed us to pat or shot any numbers of photographs we intended, n in a distant as close as one can get! generously showing us more than enough poses to choose from. secretly, i think it was able to understand what we were saying.


  1. Hahaha :D It was so cute. Look at its front legs. :p What was it doing?

  2. *squealing with delight*

    Well, you know how much I adore cats, therefore this post made me VERY happy!

    What a CUTE kitty!

    "secretly, i think it was able to understand what we were saying."

    You said it! Cats understand everything, they just like pretending that they don't - HA!

    Happy Monday, Levian!

  3. lina:
    it was indeed!

    it was taking a nap. n just about to wake up when we found it.

    oh yes, you are absolutely crazy about cat! tell me about it, mine always seemed to know exactly what i was doing or am going to do to it. they are simply adorable!