Saturday, February 19, 2011


Valentine Decoration (SE f100i)

first to receive the news, she seemed more envious than feeling sincerely happy for her. surrounded by unhappy thoughts, n new family members she gained by joining them for the past year, happened to not give her much thought, nor noticing her struggle to contribute. with a husband that failed to successfully calmed her anxiety, she can only direct her complaints at her, grumbling n whining repeatedly every time they meet for a quick catchup. as unsettled as she was listening to her tale, there wasn't much she can do but to listen tentatively n had her focus on other happy events instead. as the morning came to an abrupt end, she left her with many thoughts to think about. an uninviting path unworthy to take, for a life she too will soon set foot in.



  1. are married already? :p

  2. tekkaus:
    haha, i was actually listening to a friend's grumbling. well, which concluded a lot of things i might need to think about.

  3. You are good friend, Levian. Simply being there and listening can be very helpful and healing to a friend in woe. I'm sure your friend really appreciates you.

    WONDERFUL photo! Love the color!

  4. ron:
    thanks, she had, more than once, told me how grateful she is to have someone that really listens n talk to her. especially after marriage, where she had no one else to talk to during difficult times. she does seemed more lonely these days.