Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Sky (SE f100i)

the hectic life, which started far before chinese new year declared to be just around the corner, which everyone had gotten so used to, rushing between places n tasks, was again cooled n falling back into its place n pace. a little peace all are able to make a good use of, filling one's heart with cotton-like softness n comfort. living life by the day, she finds herself having the freedom to breath, composed to know that things will fall into place eventually, having faith n believing in the arrangements suddenly seemed so easy. after so much struggles n hardwork, she was finally at ease, bathed in the warmth that surrounded her generously.



  1. Take a breather and don't forget to stop and smell the roses sometime. ^^

  2. lina:
    i totally agree. sometimes it was so easy to get caught up at the moment, we failed to see what was more important around us.

  3. Beautifully expressed post, Levian!

    "composed to know that things will fall into place eventually, having faith n believing in the arrangements."

    This is something I have to remind myself all the time. Everything is happening as it should.

    Lovely photo!

  4. foong:

    thanks! so true, sometimes we are too caught up to even breath. but i suppose a small pause every now n then will do us more good than bad in the long run.

  5. Me too finally back to a slower routine after the hectic months in Nov-Dec'10 & Jan-Feb'11. So I have relatively > time on blogging now ;-) but I missed out a lot fr my lovely blogger friends...

  6. dora:
    you truly did. even when we left you comments, it wasn't approved either. i actually thought you kinda quit blogging already. fortunately, you're back!