Friday, March 11, 2011


Sky (SE f100i)

the moment he supported her weight against himself, pulling her up from the floor, the world started turning viciously around her. losing complete control of what she was capable of, darkness came closing in as stars appeared from all possible angles her visual laid upon. panic hit her as she tried to regain control of her body. only then did she noticed that the person who breath so hard n rapid in her ears, was herself. yet not enough air seemed to fill her lungs as she continued to gasp for air. reaching out, she grasped whatever that was in sight, something stable to keep her upright, to not stumble head over heel on the icy concrete. it seemed like forever her head screamed for clarity, n when it finally arrived, she was once again grateful for not being alone under such circumstances.



  1. It's always better to have a support rather than be alone during time of need.

  2. first I thought this was some violent attack scene, that I thought it could be a love scene ... and now I'm not sure at all :)

  3. Sometimes we cannot be alone to solve certain problems. A listener is very important especially when we feel helpless...

  4. WOW...beautifully intense, Levian!

    I had no idea where you were going with this.

    I was riveted to every word!

    Great shot of the sky!

  5. These sort of posts you do Levian are always a pleasure to read.

  6. Hi levian! I missed your nice photos and your play of words =)

  7. It looks like a moment of the evening, before sunset. I just love that moment, because it gives you pure feelings. Very nice photography of yours, so detailed, and so deep. I usually visit to your blog, and most of the time find newer and unique stuff. Thanks for posting.

  8. lina:
    it definitely is! yet the difficult part being, one couldn't ask for a companion during the time of needs. but if that someone is already there, they are there for everything there is to come.

    haha, my bad for the confusion. it wasn't a violent scene, but nor was it a love scene, though it could be considered closer to this than the previous. let your imagination guide you, maybe? hehe.

    thanks, but no worries, it was nothing related to solving any problems. thankfully there weren't any problem as well!

    thanks! it was a rare experience i happened to come across, which i just had to put into words! but of course, it would be bad if i experience this too often too. haha!

    thanks! i'm glad you find them enjoyable to read.

    thanks! you know you're welcome here anytime you are free to do so!

    thanks! i'm glad you enjoyed your stay here.