Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Personality Test: Expertise


1. known from one's facial expression whether he/she have a good impression of you?
yes -2
no -3

2. you prefer reading over watching television?
yes -6
no -5

3. doing averagely good in most sports?
yes -4
no -5

4. feel uninterested with everything other than studies/work?
yes -8
no -7

5. have a clear understanding towards computer, internet, e-mail, etc.?
yes -6
no -7

6. if well prepared, you are confident to convince others?
yes -10
no -9

7. someone asked you for lunch/dinner during the first encounter?
yes -C
no -9

8. persistent with what was decided?
yes -D
no -7

9. you feel that you have good writing skills?
yes -C
no -B

10. you are fluent having a conversation in english/chinese?
yes -A
no -B

what is your expertise?

A. speaking, convincing.
your strength is your mouth. you are able to make others listen to you, work harder on knowing more languages, you can achieve success through it.

B. ideas, creativity
you are very creative. in entertainment industries or sales advertisement, you can fully utilize your unique ideas.

C. sociable
you are a natural when dealing with people. you have great adaptability, easily become the center of attention.

D. speed, active
you are full of energy. even when others feel that it is impossible, your optimism will drive you towards your success.


  1. I think my result is B :) Another nice test! Thanks for sharing.

  2. My strength is A. Yeah! I can really convince people. :p

  3. Fun test, Levian!

    I'm most definitely B.

    Thanks for sharing this, my friend!

    Hope you're having a FAB day!

  4. jacc:
    i share the same result! not sure it was accurate though, haha.

    you do sounds convincing in your posts!

    i share the very same result! i'm glad you enjoyed it. hope you had a great day too!

    i have to agree you are rather persuasive in your posts!