Friday, April 08, 2011


Drinks (SE f100i)

across the dinning table, he chattered away. words flowed freely out of his head, opinions n statements that was neither taken judgmentally nor biased. scenes that were never revealed, which took place on their path right before it crossed. looking over her shoulder, the dangling pieces fell sequentially into place, having 2 stories matched perfectly into 1. all of a sudden he looked down, eyes moistened over the fear of making the wrong choice if he were to let her slipped by back then. failed to notice, her heart ached the moment he told her what just happened. she had been going with the flow for life, accepting n working with what comes her way, believing what was meant to be will be. she failed to notice the struggle he went through just to put them together side-by-side. at an unexpected timing n location, a hearty talk pulled them closer, if they can actually get any closer than they already are.



  1. Love can be tough when you have to fight for it.

  2. Everytime I read one of these tales, I feel as though I'm watching a scene in a movie, entering midway into the lives of the characters; wanting to know more of what came before and what will come after.

    You have a wonderful way of saying so much in so few lines; leaving me wondering.


    Hope you had a super day, Levian!

  3. P.S. Love the composition of the photo!

  4. lina:
    love can also be sweet after a hard battle for it!

    thanks! it was exactly what i was trying to do. put pictures n hopefully a little depths in my readers' minds, as if they were experiencing what i was experiencing myself. i'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Love needs a lot of patience. :p

  6. tekkaus:
    it sure does in a guy's point of view, doesn't it?