Monday, April 04, 2011

Tag: 8 Questions

was tagged by ->david-, a long-time blogging friend of mine. we were fortunate enough to have reconnect again recently. i was required to answer a series of questions regarding myself n some blogging friends.

  1. Do you think you're hot?
    i would consider myself more common than hot.

  2. Upload a picture or wallpaper that you're using at the moment.

    Nyan Koi (Anime)

  3. Talk about the picture
    for the longest of time, my addiction had been Anime (アニメ). i can't even remember the last time my wallpaper hasn't been about them. this particular wallpaper was adapted from an anime called Nyan Koi (2009). n since i also love cats n uniforms, this sweet wallpaper stayed with me for more than a year now.

  4. When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
    at dinner last night, with some delicious mashed potatoes.

  5. The song(s) you listened to recently.
    definitely Avril's Goodbye Lullaby (2011) album.

  6. What were you thinking as you were doing this?
    thinking about what we ought to do tonight.

  7. Do you have nicknames? What are they?
    levian is my nickname, i had been using it on the Internet since forever.

  8. Tag 8 blog owners
    a) tekkaus
    b) ron
    c) dezmond
    d) dempsey
    e) lina
    f) rashelle
    g) dora
    h) ayie

  9. Who is your No.1?
    tekkaus is a proud father n a long time blogging friend of mine.

  10. Say something about No.5
    lina is a dedicated mother who loves having McDonald's breakfast.

  11. How did you get to know No.3
    i get to know dezmond when he dropped by my blog.

  12. How about No.4
    i was scrolling through the blogsphere n just happened to drop by dempsey's blog n leave him a message.

  13. Leave a message for No.6
    rashelle, keep up the good work, for i can't wait to read your novel!

  14. Leave a lovey dovey message for No.2
    ron, you always managed to inspire me, one way or another, through your blog. i don't ever want to stop reading your posts!

  15. Does No.7 and No.8 have any similarities?
    both dora n ayie doesn't spend as much time as they did on blogging anymore, but they manage to keep their passion going!

  16. State 5 things you know about No.1
    a proud dad, a romantic husband, has a motorcycle, makes money online, father-in-law lives in Taiping.

  17. State the similarity of a goat and cow?
    they made awesome western dishes!

  18. How did you feel when you answer the above question?
    it was absolutely fun!


  1. Interesting info about you! ^^

  2. I have another question :) Since your name is quite mysterious and you don't have your pic here, are you a girl or a boy and how old are you, and what do you do in your life? :)

  3. OMG...this was soooooooooo fun to read, Levian!

    And thank you so much for your sweet and kind words, my friend. Just know what an absolutely pleasure and joy it's been getting to know you this past year. I'm so glad our paths have crossed!

    You ROCK, girl!

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  4. levian - Thanks for tagging me. What fun questions and I loved your answers. I'm with Dezzy on knowing more about you. I know some, but give me more, please! LOL

  5. lina:
    glad you enjoyed them!

    how about you stay longer to discover yourself the answers to your questions? i'm sure i revealed it every now n then, for everyone to have known the details. ;) n not to mention, i need my chance to get to know you too!

    so am i! i'm so glad we get the chance to know each other. it all seemed so impossible, even now! n not to mention being inspired furthermore. you always had me thinking, of values, of principles. you're deep!

    haha, you are so much fun to be with! i'm not sure how many more i can give you, but you are most welcome to stay, giving us a chance to know each other more!

  6. Thanks for tagging me. :p And thanks for saying good stuff about me. LOL :D

  7. tekkaus:
    haha, you are most welcomed! it is the truth after all.

  8. Hey Levian!

    I just now seen this one because I was still out of town on vacation when you posted this.

    Yeah, glad we reconnected again, but that due to what was going for both of us off the net than on it I think.

    Like the answers especially the last two! LOL @ tekkaus. You were too nice to him under the circumstances. LOL! Kidding!

    See ya my friend!

  9. david:
    i knew about your vacation, you don't have to worry about it. yup it was definitely what went off the net. you moved about the same time we disconnected. haha, i see that you still remember tekkaus. am so glad that you managed to stop by!